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    Post [AINUR AUDIO] SAURON MK III [paused] | NARSIL MK I [upd 01.01.2021]

    So I was wondering, after all this time, is there a way to make Narsil ignore all of the speaker stuff and leave it "as it is"? Cause it sounds really crappy without those effects and stuff from google (its a Pixel 4a) but on headphones really sounds amazing.
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    Post [MOD][MAGISK][ANDROID 11] Addon Features for Pixel Devices - Pixel 4a Thread

    Really appreciate your work man, just a quick question; what can I modify to skip the font stuff from the module? Because I use another module for a custom font and it gets overridden by this one, tnx.
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    Post [KERNEL][SUNFISH][09 Apr] HolyDragon Kernel [10/STABLE][11/STABLE]

    So, let me see if I got it right, currently if we wanna install using FKM ('cause right now I can't purchase EXKM :c ) we need to wait for the json file to be released(?
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    Post [Kernel][7.0][G920-5/F/FD/I/S/K/L]Ultimate Kernel[Linux 3.10.108]

    Great news mate! I'm still using this kernel on my old S6, would love to try any new version, till´ now I've been using the one on the OP and I believe its the very first release, couldn´t find any other newer release, thanks for your awesome work man :good:
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    Post [OFFICIAL][RECOVERY]OrangeFox Recovery Project [R11.1]

    Hi, I've an issue today, I hope someone could help me; I used OF recovery to update from MIUI 11( to MIUI 12(, after a successful update the device rebooted and started asking for a password to initiate the OS over a black screen, I entered my screen pin but it didn't worked...
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    Post Overheating Issue (Phone is getting too hot)

    Finally more people are experiencing this too, I tried both latest stable AND beta ver. of OOS, and had this heating issue, I even changed the Kernel to see if it'll make a difference but no. Also, I saw some other people with the same issue on twitter, maybe someone should open an issue on the...
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    Post Heat

    My bad, I meant stock kernel, tried both to see if it was the problem but sadly it wasn´t
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    Post Heat

    A bit of overheating on the latest OOS updates, both stable and beta, on custom kernel and using Arter97 kernel, bit weird since this didn´t happened on older OOS versions, same daily conditions with little to nothing of cellular data
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    Post Paranoid Android Quartz 5 - OnePlus 7 Pro

    This build is absolute great! Battery life is great, gotta agree with some other people over the high brightness "issue" on AOD, and the ability to hide the in-display fingerprint icon would be very much appreciated (because of burn-in), but everything else is top tier, keep up with the good work :)
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    Post [r71] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 7 series

    Just tried that without luck, had to go back to r40 again, and this time gained overheat issues that I didn't have before, weird :(
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    Post [r71] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 7 series

    I believe that he means that Arter re-uploaded it today
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    Post [r71] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 7 series

    1st one with the issue on the post; crashes and reboots after putting my password, if I stay on the lockscreen nothing happens, all reboot variants leads to just reboot, no to recovery, fastboot, power off, etc. Issue with r50b1 on OP7 Pro (GM1910) running Oxygen OS 10.3.0GM21AA with Magisk and...
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    Post [r71] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 7 series

    Flashed over r40 on a OP7 Pro GM1910, my device has a reboot (maybe due kernel panic?) every time I enter on the stock launcher, if I leave it on the lock screen nothing happens, also every reboot, turn off or reboot to recovery/fastboot options just reboots the device, I don't have any Magisk...
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    Post [r71] arter97 kernel for OnePlus 7 series

    Edit: I found the cause of the pulling down, my bad.
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    Post [SOLVED] Google Play Services battery drain post OOS 10 update

    I've never encountered anything like that, and I've been using this module since 2018 over various devices/roms. You should be good to go. :)