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  • Hi i am sorry about this question but i want to know if there is a way to stop rogers from cutting my data of from my dream. I am using moded phone with cyanogen rom. I was looking on the post and you are talking about a waiver letter . What is this all about and how i can get it done.
    Hi daeshawn,
    I have Rogers as a service provider. I do not have caller id. Is there a way I can see the incoming caller id on my diamond if the phone number is in my contact list. I am able to see the caller name when somebody texts me. I tried changing the callerid value in the registry from 8 to 7 but that did not work.
    Hey daeshawn..

    Can you let me know of the steps you took to flash your ROM. I will really appreciate. You must have read from the threads (here)

    my story... I will really appreciate any help. Help me getting an English ROM. Even dutty's
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