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    Post Edge Notification - How to make it last?

    I think i saw an app in on the play store called always edge or something like that
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    Post Samaung galaxy s10e heating upto 33 Degree Celcius

    Yeah mine seems to be heating up as well I've noticed
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    Post Severe battery drain on s10e. Any suggestions or solutions?

    Got the phone today and the battery sucks lol and got an update today as well
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    Post Nougat Update release dates for the Note 5 and more!!!

    This is just sad like I can't even be mad any more. I think I might just go ahead and root and just flash 7.0 because we not getting it no damn time soon. It's going to me April and they going push it out again. About to drag Sammy on Twitter ??
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    Post Nougat Update release dates for the Note 5 and more!!!

    That's true but I'm a person likes all my devices to be on the latest software. I've been eyeing the pixel phone.
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    Post Nougat Update release dates for the Note 5 and more!!!

    It's the only reason why I want to leave Sammy. When it comes to updating they are horrible. Don't come out with a ton of device of is going to slow down updates. This is crazy. This just might be my last Samsung device. Shouldn't have to root my phone just to get updates. I have n920g who...
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    Post Pics Taken With Your Note 4

    Hey question guys. Does anyone have a problem with their camera focusing. Takes mine for ever to focus
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    Post ★[ROM][NF9][DEC 9] Hyperdrive N3 RLS7.1 ║N4 Style & Features║Tweaks

    So far the Rom is running great for me flashed with no problems
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    Post What cases is everyone using?

    ive used the otterbox, spigen bounce, spigen slim armor view, regular tpu case, and caseology tpu case, now im using a baseus third party s view cover case.. i love them all lol. the only one i hardly use is the spigen bounce because it has zero grip. right now im using my third party s view...
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    Post [kernel][lollipop] leanKernel: minimalistic kernel, v6.3 (tw), v5.2 (aosp)

    i need this kernel in my life but all your links are dead
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    Post [THEME]{ROA}[MODS]☆☆☆Keyboards☆☆☆

    no problem im very content with my keyboard and have no problem waiting im a o kay
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    Post [THEME]{ROA}[MODS]☆☆☆Keyboards☆☆☆

    Omg yes i love it Thank you! !!! ---------- Post added at 09:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:14 AM ---------- onnnnee question lol, is there any way you can get the trace line to be purple instead of blue?
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    Post [THEME]{ROA}[MODS]☆☆☆Keyboards☆☆☆

    k thank you!! i thought the purple one was already made just was only for 4.3. cause i tried to flash it and of course it didnt work like i knew it wasnt but want to try any ways lol
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    Post [THEME]{ROA}[MODS]☆☆☆Keyboards☆☆☆

    Heeey how he get his keyboard first ?
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    Post [THEME]{ROA}[MODS]☆☆☆Keyboards☆☆☆

    Yaaay so should I be seeing them today?