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    Post Dell Universal Dock - D6000

    Thank you, that was it. Works great now.
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    Post Dell Universal Dock - D6000

    Any extra software needed? I have a D6000 at work, tried to plug my Samsung S9 in. I can use the keyboard and mouse connected, sounds go through the dock, but i can't get video to come to the monitor. Is there a seeing our anniversary that I am missing, or is it the overly Samsung modified OS?
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    Post Activated via Vodafone NL

    I am also using Vodafone NL my mobile. The APN for the personal is: not .nl. I know I am in the wrong forum, I have a AT&T Fuze aka Rapheal, aka HTC Touch Pro. But, I also cannot connect to https, but only in Internet Explorer. I can connect to all websites in Opera. I...