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    Post It's here Android 11

    First thing I noticed was that I can now set a minimum brightness from the navigation bar .... This is a huge improvement as before the brightness would go to zero in a dark room... Now I can choose how low I want it to go and still automatically increase when needed ..
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    Thread It's here Android 11

    Currently downloading on Tmoble Update.. Auto brightness is finally fixed!
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    Post Do not disturb schedule not working on US998

    Having the same issue here . I have to restart my phone to get it to activate on time or like you, manually start it.
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    Post Intrusive ads? Post here!

    Hello everyone.. The link above is where I posted about this issue. In that post is another link to an article about these ads/pop ups. But, as the member that responded to me said, the article does not mention...
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    Post [Completed] Advertisements

    new info The above link has info about what's going on and the information about how XDA can deal with the rogue ads that are being used on your site .. Most of the virus scan pop ups only appeas when the ad is on the page. Below are...
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    Thread [Completed] Advertisements

    What is going on with ads on XDA ... How can I avoid this when I access XDA on my g3 with chrome? Please see attachments ..
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    Post LG G3 Lollipop leak :)

    RCT is a LG root checker..... Go here to reset it ..
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    Post [ROM] Flash-able 4.4 KIT-KAT E980 AT$T

    This is perfect, I just needed a backup... thank you so much and have a good day .
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    Post [ROM] Flash-able 4.4 KIT-KAT E980 AT$T

    Hello all ... Can someone please upload a copy of the stock 4.4.2 att build prop here..? Thank you in advance.
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    Post [Resolved] [Q] Calling system APK functions

    I'm interested in this fix ...
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    Post Guide: Motorola S9 to S9-HD

    Can I use THIS file to update a real S9-HD....?
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    Post LG G2 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock)

    This is the same error I get when trying to flash the e980h kdz for Mexico, to my att e980. Anyone know how to fix this ..?
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    Post [ROM][Stock]T989UVMC6(4.1.2) UVLI4 (4.0.4) ♛ TLLE4 (4.0.3) ♛ TLLG2[ODIN][TWRP/CWM]

    I was gonna do this also, but, staying with my gf and her crappy laptop has a small H/Drive.. Was going to do it this weekend when I got home, where I can use my desktop, I have everything installed on there, I just have to install the cygwin patches . The kitchen seems really good, I'm still...