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    Thread Update european Realme 5 using Indian images

    Is it possible to flash an Indian official ROM to a European Realme 5? I mean on Realme XT that is not possible (EUEX on european instead only EX on indian) But can I do that with no problems on 5? Or Will I have issues like bricking or somethin like, 'cause i don't see that differences on...
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    I've been using Lineage 16 from about 3 months without barely any issue, low volume I fixed installing Viper4Androud but only exception is that I can't shot at 16 megapixels on front facing camera using Moto Camera, no matter if I downloaded it from Google Play or flashing ports via TWRP, only...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10][UNOFFICIAL] ionOS [28.12.2019.]

    Is a very common issue in that zip, either crash on sanders, ocean and river. I always install Moto Camera directly from Google Play without flash the zip.
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    Does it Lineage 16 better than Stock Pie in usability and performance on payton? Talking about camera and games. Long time with no flashing.
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    Post [ROM]-[10.0]-[PAYTON]-Havoc-OS-3.x-[07/12/20]-[OFFICIAL]]

    How can I install Moto Camera 2 as a system app to save my photos in SDCard Because I can't write in system /app folder like my older devices.
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    Post [ROM]-[10.0]-[PAYTON]-Havoc-OS-3.x-[07/12/20]-[OFFICIAL]]

    I tried this ROM in it's last version (2.9) and has an amazing performance and awesome battery life but I found a couple of bugs First one: Google Play says that my devices is not Netflix complatible, I sideloaded the apk and is not HD play capable, only SD Second One: I flashed Moto Camera 2...
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    Post [MOD][Moto Camera 2]for any ROM[7.1/10][20200815][Moto X⁴/X⁴ Android One]

    Got FC when I'm taking portrait shots on Havoc OS, same issue on G5S Plus.
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    Post [MOD][Pixel-MODS]for any ROM[9.0][20190110][Moto G5s Plus]

    Same error, happens in all Pie roms that I've tried
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    Post [ROM][PIE][9.0][BETA]LineageOS 16.0 for the Moto E 2015 LTE (surnia) [UNOFFICIAL]

    I think that is a regular version, 'cause in Android Pie Google redesinged the multitask view
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    Post [MOD][Pixel-MODS]for any ROM[8.1/9.0][20190110][Moto E²/E² LTE]

    Last Moto clock widget doesn't work! Tried on nougat and oreo.
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    Post [Kernel][OSPREY] SHADOW KERNEL MSM8916

    Looks promising, I'll try on mom's osprey. Sadly We don't have that level of development on surnia :(
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    Post [ROM][PIE][9.0][BETA]LineageOS 16.0 for the Moto E 2015 LTE (surnia) [UNOFFICIAL]

    It's very hard to get you! I'm native spanish talker like you! Did you make an modified stock ROM? What is that? Anyways better contact to me via PM, we're getting out from thread rules.
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    Post [ROM][PIE][9.0][BETA]LineageOS 16.0 for the Moto E 2015 LTE (surnia) [UNOFFICIAL]

    No idea, just flashed to try the "HDR fix" as mentioned above