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    Post Question Pocof3 vs oneplus10t, battle of speed.

    I've experienced the same as you, because previously I've owned and Asus Rog Phone 5 with SD888, but when I've get the OP10 Pro, I've immediately noticed that OP10Pro feels the same or even worse , talking about app speed opening and overall performance, so for my luck another Asus Rog phone 5...
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    Post Question Android 12 Rollback package

    Yes man the stranger thing i've seen, i don't see any similar here, and worst at all, with NE2113 phone isn't even charging, even when i've flashed back to NE2115 charging isn't working, but i've managed to rolback to android 12 versión trought local upgrade apk and get the charge at least.
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    Post Question Android 12 Rollback package

    Man I've tried to do exactly the same flashing the NE2213 but IMEIs are gone, tried to flash with fastboot enhanced to other versions but IMEIs are gone. I don't know what's wrong with my phone.
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    Post Question IMEI gone

    I've tried but actually I've notice a bigger problem : battery isn't charging, I've only 30% left, tried to reflash the NE2115 with same results IMEIs are gone, phone connects trought USB cable to PC but is no way to charge it
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    Thread Question IMEI gone

    Hi guys, I'm in a very big trouble, since I was trying to rollback yesterday from A13 Oxygen 13, in a converted NE2110 Chinese model flashed previously with NE2115 Rom, I was having ridiculous battery life with the rom, so I want to test the European NE2113 rom, I've download the NE2113 Rollback...
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    Post Question Android 12 Rollback package

    Android 13 or 12 ? Wich would you recommend me?
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    Post Question Android 12 Rollback package

    Hi man ,your phone is originally the NE2210 Chinese version ? Flashed to NE2215? I'm on NE2215 and feeling that the battery life is really bad , so I'm thinking switching to NE2213 and see if gets better .
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    Thread Question Battery life and average SOT

    Hey guys , I'm near a week with the OnePlus 10 Pro ,Chinese version flashed with NE2215 EU rom ,but I'm not sure if it's only mi idea or my life battery ir worse than average ,I'm using Oxygen OS 13 right now, and coming from an Asus ROG phone 5 with 6000 mAh battery, so I'm not sure if maybe...
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    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    I've tried with the Color OS 12.1 package, al least get recognized by the "local upgrade app" but it gives me this error: "The version of your selected package is lower than that of the current systema. To avoid booting failure, downgrading is not allowed". So Im stuck at Color OS 13 i guess, i...
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    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    That's exactly what i´m doing right now, i can´t find a rollback package but i guess and old Color 12.1 version will work as well. Yes, i've moved the file into the root folder and delete the .jar extension on the name.
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    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    Thanks for yoour interest and help, I've tried the second method you quoted trought the system updater, but i try on "local install" I get a "Verification failed" message. After your answer I've tried the listed apk method , but doesn't happen, i've got : "move installation package into roor...
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    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    I've tried this method right now; but definitely doesn't worked, i guess it will work when you roll back from any Oxygen model version; but not from Color OS.
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    Post General OnePlus A.15 full zips (NA/IN/EU)

    Hi man, I've the sms question and I'm in the same situation as you, had you tried?
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    Post Question Converting NE2120 to NE2215

    Thanks for your answer, but i'm ny case it will be from NE2210 to NE2213 or any similar oxygen os model, coming from the chinese Color OS, i don't know if that's posible, i've tried with the enhanced fast boot tool múltiple times but was unsuccessful.