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  1. DanT88

    Post What book are you reading currently?

    I am personally reading "The Lord of the Rings" I recommend that you read this collection of books.
  2. DanT88

    Post Favorite Game

    I love online games . I really like Dota 2 or LOL . Maybe there are people here who would like to play with us?
  3. DanT88

    Post What book are you reading + your favourite?

    Personally, I really love the Witcher series of books . They don't really fit the theme of this forum of course. But in general, I want to say that these books are very easy to read. I recommend you.
  4. DanT88

    Post What was the first phone you ever used?

    My first phone was a Nokia. But if you're talking about a smartphone it was the first iphone. I still think Apple is the best technology. They used to have very cool smartphones . Although the design of these smartphones was not very presentable. I sell electronics online . I mean, I sell all my...