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  • Thought id share some problems i found
    1.) For some odd reason all my calender items are an hour befoe they actually are when i view them for exmaple something at 12 shows up at 11. This is very frustrating as i pretty much live by my calender when im a work.

    2.) I have 2 stocks loaded up and when i update them the second one starts flickering but then stops when i click on i and click back.

    Any help would e great especially for the first oen second one isnt too annoying
    Hi there, i just want to tell you... i LOVEEEEEEEE with big letters!! your work.
    If there is anything i can do for you let me know and ill try to help you!
    Hi there

    I hope you can help.

    As i have just got an O2 Experia, unfortunately they have removed the Google Panel, to my frustration, as i really wanted Google earth etc.

    Would it be possibe to send me or give me the Google Panel cab file.

    I assume this can be got through the development kit.

    There will be many upset people from this network soon, as the phone was only released yesterday.

    Thanks very much

    Also that Touch Flow cab would be great as a panel eh?



    If you still need someone to host this on RS premium a/c I can help. I tried downloading it from the bonogo site without success.

    you said "I spent hours working out how to do this but I have been able to cook a rom with Sprite Terminator installed and configured. Now when your device is hard reset, Sprite Terminator continues running fully featured and hidden! If anyone thinks this might be helpful let me know."

    could you share with me how you did this. i would love to know.
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