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  • Hey darchstar, your work looks awesome. I'm quite interested in porting Darchdroid to the HTC Eris and was wondering if you could inform me of the best way to do so. Should I just try to use the rom you've released and hack in the kernel/modules the Eris needs or would it make more sense to build from source since the Eris kernel source was released this week? Any tips would be greatly appreciated by many Eris users. Thanks!
    hey darchstar, sorry to bother you.... but i was wondering if you figured out a fix yet with darchdroid that allows you to receive and open up a MMS messages thru the stock app or handcent?
    i'm sorry for my bad english.
    first thaks darchstar.
    i have a problems.in calling screen always open.and battery lost very fast。
    how do i do for this。thank you very much!
    If I might ask, where did you find information on getting Flash 10 working on your build? I'd like to try to install it on a ROM I've got here to play with, and I'm not quite sure where to start.

    Thanks for any help.
    going to bug you about progress on Friendstream for Damagecontrol 2.0r2

    No big deal either way, but this seemed a novel way to ask you how this is going. I'd offer help but i'm a coding newb.
    Is there any way to remove the express rosie?
    Not the lockscreen just the rosie, i want the old htc rosie...
    Darchlegend rev4 1 is a awsome if not the best 2.1 rom but i was wondering if you could add the nexus 1 garlly app like the one in the damagecontrol1v Hero Rom and the true htc Hero Key bored?
    Darchstar - your darchdroid rom is awesome. Just two things.

    1. when are you releasing your next darchdroid version
    2. Will it allow for synching exchange email/contacts and calendar. Right now calendar sync options is not available

    Thank you so much for the current rom. I appreciate all your efforts!
    Im having issues installing the rom

    Im currently on Fresh 1.1 with Gumbo Kernel

    I started by doing
    1. nand + ext backup
    2. did the a2sd fix
    3. pushed the Gallery3D.apk
    4. Dled from 4share

    In the process of installing the rom I get:
    Install from sdcard...
    Finding update package...
    Opening update package...
    Verifying update package...
    Deleting files...
    Deleting files...
    Formatting SYSTEM...
    Copyping files...
    E:Failure at line 4:
    copy_dir PACKAGE:data DATA:

    Installation aborted.

    At which point I have to restore the previous backup
    Im not sure whats going on. I can flash other roms.

    thanks for the help
    I want to say your new 2.1 AOSP ROM is the ****! I downloaded it when it was updated on 2/20/10 and it was pretty cool. I went back to fresh 1.1 though, due to the home button not working. Now I want to download the updated version, but 4shared is being gay. I tried downloading it on my phone, and it gets to about 70% then lags out and errors. Same on my PC. I still have the older one though. If I flash it back, can I just update it? or can you please upload it to mediafire or something? Thanks! :D
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