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    Thread Notifications Issue / Doubt

    i have the redmi note 9s, im facing issues with all the notifications in general, p.e. - when i receive a whatsapp message i get the notification sound and vibration, sometimes just the soud and sometimes nothing. and another thing (not sure if that´s how it works) if im i a regular phone...
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    Post Change Honor 5x from KIW-L24 to KIW-L21

    thanks to everyone, will look to sell 5X and get 6X
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    Post Change Honor 5x from KIW-L24 to KIW-L21

    Dont know, thats why im asking
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    Thread Change Honor 5x from KIW-L24 to KIW-L21

    Is that possible? i need to do that in order to make my honor 5x to work with 3G 900 band wich is not available on L24
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask any questions [NOOB FRIENDLY]

    do you guys know if this honor 6x has different variants? for example, honor 5x has variants: L21 - L22 - L23 - L24, asking this because i have honor 5x L24 and band 3G 900 is not availble and thats the one i need for my carrier
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    Thread Honor 5X L24 to work with 900 3g band

    Is there any way to make the L24 version work with the 3G 900 band?
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    Post Dilshad rom v10ux

    you right, i just installed an older version and now working fine, will keep cheking this rom, first time for me using a custom rom
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    Post Dilshad rom v10ux

    thank you! thats it! its isntalled now[COLOR="Silver"]
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    Post Dilshad rom v10ux

    well, actually i was on 4.4.2 and then flashed this rom DILSHAD, had to restore the backup with CWM and is working fine again, so, do i have to be on lollipop to flash this DILSAHD rom?
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    Post Dilshad rom v10ux

    i just flashed this rom with cwm and note 3 n900 only shows the galaxy note 3 logo and then goes black, is it bad? or is normal for the first time? i dont see anything
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    Post [ROM][SM-N900][RC][CM12/12.1][UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 12.1 [2015/12/26]

    does somebody have a video on how to install this? im new with samsung, i have n900 already rooted, i have downloaded the file on the firts post of this thread, and also, what if i want to go back to the original rom that my phone has?
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    Post Marshmallow update is here.

    hi, how can i downgrade from B522 to lollipop? im just getting 4.5 hrs SOT :/
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    Post Ascend Mate 7 B513 Marshmallow OTA Zip [L09] [Western Europe]

    OK, now i have a solution for us in the website https://emui.huawei.com/en/plugin.php?id=unlock&mod=detail#_=_ where you have to enter all your device information, where says model write the model like this HUAWEI MT7-L09 and then all the other information, the code will appear at the...
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    Post Ascend Mate 7 B513 Marshmallow OTA Zip [L09] [Western Europe]

    you right, this is the error im getting Please make sure the verification code and model number are correct. If your device has multiple IMEIs or MEIDs, please try another IMEI or MEID. I sent them an email to an address that is shown in the website
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    Post Ascend Mate 7 B513 Marshmallow OTA Zip [L09] [Western Europe]

    At this moment i have not received an asnwer yet, according to the error with the website, i had an error too im wondering how other people got the code