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    Post [ROM][FROYO] LMCFroyo 8/05/2012

    thanks for this new rom ryree there's something wrong when playing Youtube,both in browser and official app. its choppy and has a loud hiss every 2 seconds...
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    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    please re-upload this rom it says the account holder's Dropbox has basically run out of bandwidth
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    Post [ROM][6.35][32A/32B?] FroyoDragon 0.8.1 (29 Apr 2012) :D

    thanks :D the link in the OP works on my laptop but it didnt work before when i was trying to download it straight from my phone. EDIT: 0.81 doesnt work for me either. it booted but got stuck on "FroyoDragon Please Wait" screen. installed and currently running 0.7 with ezgb-v1.5.2f kernel
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    Post [ROM][6.35][32A/32B?] FroyoDragon 0.8.1 (29 Apr 2012) :D

    thanks for the speedy reply. note: your mediafire links aren't working, could you reupload 0.7 to another site, probably Dropbox? I'd really like to try this rom :)
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    Post [ROM][6.35][32A/32B?] FroyoDragon 0.8.1 (29 Apr 2012) :D

    I hope this 32b issue gets resolved soon. gonna try and install 0.7 now
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    Post [ROM][4/21/12][UNITED] Liberty v0.51 | AROMA Installer | Sense 2.0 | Android 2.1

    let me see if I got this correctly, without swap this Tom is able to run? I ask because I don't have swap but I have SD-ext (see my info in sig.).
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    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    thx for the update just giving info on testing currently using v2.0 running smooth,fast,and error free on my mt3g. wifi ,camera, market works. unfortunately I have no bluetooth devices to test with
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    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    yup. using wifi right now to send this :)
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    Post [Rom][2.2.3 AOSP] DREAMteam Froyo v2.0.0 [9/3/2012]

    currently using this rom since the day it recently got updated. working without ANY issues on my Mytouch 3g. really fast. no fc's, no problems. using GoLauncher as stock launcher; feels like butter :D thx again DreamTeam!
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    Post ░░▒▒▓▓[ROM] GinSense [CM 2.3.7]▓ v1.0 ▓ A2SDEXT Support (thx Scrip) - Flash it ▓▓▒▒░░

    when using any GB rom use the "Ghostly SMS" app in Android Market and that should catch ALL text messages that you might miss.
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    Post [ROM] GingerFroyo 1.0 (2012-01-14)

    this latest update is suuuper fast! damn..THX :D
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    Post Anyone seen the sense zero info?

    sounds good. hope the mods really check this out.:rolleyes:
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    Post [ROM] Ice Cream Sandwich for HTC G1 AOSP 4.0.1 Alpha 2 jcarrz1 [Video]

    oh ok.yeah I understand what you mean..just thought 4.0.3 would have bug fixes etc therefore making what you said easier