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  • Drak Ninja plz let me know that on this rom Youtube app are working fullly coz i tried i seem like voice dose not suppourted on

    Hey just wanted to let you know that I downloaded your Android Taskbar 6.5.X V6. I noticed that the speaker and battery Icons will not show up. Well I fixed it for my self and have posted up once on the Enegry Topaz Rom thread for one who stated the problem and was asking on how to fix it.. Didn't want to keep on doing this since you are the creator and I believe it should be downloaded from your thread. The problem with the cab is that you have the battery levels set at 101 which is fine with the percentage cab but for the none percentage cab it shoulb be set at 21. As for the speaker icon not showing up what I did was add:
    [ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\VolumeOverlay]

    and after doing so it worked fine without needing those volume icon fixes you have posted.
    Thanks FOr Network Icon Fix For Qvga Fix :D But The NEtwork Shows in White Color Not Green Can You Fix This 1 also
    Lol dude, I still fail with the unsign/sign process. I drag the .dll over the Unsigner.exe and then start to edit it in Reshack/PE Explorer, save it and then sign it, the .txt says the file is signed but not timestamped.

    Can you give me a step by step on how to do it correctly?
    Hi Dark Ninja Nice Work Finally i got your Andriod Taskbar On 6.1
    but i am facing 1 Problem All oTher Are Replaced in Taskbar but Network didnt Replace.
    i my Rom Arthmis Taskbar v3 as been PreInstalled it shows Arthemis Taskbar Icon after Installing Andriod TAskbar.
    All OTher ICon Working Perfectly. i am using HTC p3400i{gene}. QVGA Device. Can you help me out Which dll Should i need to get.. In ORder to make it Work....
    hello dark ninja... i found your andriod taskbar icon set for 6.5.x its very nice but it doesnot work for 6.1 can you develop it for 6.1.. ill be very greatful if you can do so..
    hey buddy,i can't change background colour when use black taskbar underlay?? can help!!! thx
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