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    Post [ROM] [FINAL] [OFFICIAL] [7.1.2] Resurrection Remix V5.8.5 release 18OCT2017

    hey guys. just came across this as i brought back my note 1 from the attic. wiped the dust away. ? can i flash this after some changes in updater script, cuz i have a note 1 BUT it is from japan. the 4g model no. SC-05D. quincydcm. ?? much appreciated your work. thanks.
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    Post How to get SM-N920I to detect VoLTE in india without root

    are you still able to use voLTE ?? after these steps. about Support agent. Ignore it if you can. or skip it. you do not need this as there aren't any official updates after this. (this is only because now system knows that you have modified it, and it will not receive any update. if you can...
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    Post How to get SM-N920I to detect VoLTE in india without root

    here is another method you can try. but this only works if your phone supports it. For firmware that uses a multi-csc code, you need to select a sales code before attempting to connect to a cellular network. This is especially true for 3G and 4G connections. There are two ways to select a...
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    Post Bootloader and Baseband ( BL and CP ) from Samsung firmware for SM-N9005

    okay. yeah that is the issue so far. and you said that "some more TW ROMS" apart from darklord. can you please tell me which more roms ? cuz i have tried them mostly all. NONE is capable of voLTE. only darklod rom is able.
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    Post Note 3 Sprint N900P, enable all LTE Bands!!!

    off-topic question.. can you pls share the file(s) located in /sys/module/radio_iris_transport either complete "radio_iris_transport" folder and/or "radio_iris_transport.ko" file. also /system/bin/"fm_qsoc_patches" ? can you please share as you are a Sprint user ??
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    Post Unlock all bands of your Qualcomm device! Use your phone globally! No bs!

    hello guys, so i just enabled band 40 in my note 3 (N9005). band 40 is there "B40: TDD 2300" i locked it using network signal guru app to band 40, so that it can only use band 40. but it is not getting any type of signal. what should i do now. should i disable any other LTE band, so that B40...
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    Post [TOOL] Updated! 29/12/14 - EFS Professional v2.1.80B - Also for NON-Samsung devices!

    this tool enabled serial port for my note 3 N9005. which i was longing for many weeks. i am running twrp, android tw ported rom 6.0.1,. i want to add extra LTE band. just a single one. i came across this menu (screenshot attached). what options should i have to choose from them, to...
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    Post Sprint SM-G955U help!!!

    guys, i have a question, my friend has a s8+ model G955U. ATT version. unlocked. baseband is = G955USQU1AQEF he is on security patch May 1, 2017. latest patch is september 1, 2018. he is not receiving updates after that. at least 15 updates are issued after that. from various online...
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    Post hardware or software issue

    hmm.. that i don't know yet. but in my opinion, if the emmc chip/motherboard is dead/corrupted/broken then it should not be detected by odin at all. if it is being detected then it can be survived. but hey it is just an hypothesis. imo the partition corruption chances are high like 85-95%...
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    Post [ROM][NIGHTLIES]LineageOS[Android 7.1.1]Trader418 LineageOS

    you CANNOT flash Lineage OS via ODIN. Odin is for Samsung stock Firmwares only. flash TWRP via ODIN flashable zip again and flash LOS again via TWRP.
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    Post [ROM][C9 Pro Port][N900X] AspireTeam C9 Pro v5.0 [18.5.18][Aroma/Smooth/Modded]

    TRY skip SOME steps from this. Don't select root option. Select NO ROOT. then give it a go. DO full wipe manually via TWRP = means Dalvik, Cache, System, Data. these 4 options. nothing else needed. after that DON'T select wiping again in the Aroma Menu... and for goodness sake. are you using...
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    Post hardware or software issue

    change cables. (may be cable is somehow not working properly.) use updated ODIN version. ( you are using old version) use this PIT file. this is TGY version. (Android 5.0) after then flash stock firmware. (preferably TGY...
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    Post hardware or software issue

    probably a corrupted partition due to some error. try getting a .PIT file for N9005, and flash it via odin along with stock rom. 1. search google -- there are various PIT files on SamMobile. Download the N9005 hlte BTU version. 2. here is another link for you...
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    Post hardware or software issue

    need more information than that. ok.. have you installed stock rom via ODIN from fresh ? or just trying to recover what is installed on the phone ? if NOT odin then you need to flash stock rom again via odin and test again. if YES then may be, may be it is hardware related (last option to...
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    Post how to remove or disable reactivation lock without samsung's account / ID

    did he gave you a bill ? if yes. then force him to return it / replace it or tell him you will file a complaint with required authorities. or get previous owner's contact from him.