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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    Tried that. Cache+data cleared, double checked Magisk hide, app still detects rooted device.
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    I mean apps that are blocked when root is detected (banking, PoGo, etc) all still detect the phone is rooted even though they are still hidden. They stopping working when the cts check failed but now that it passes the apps haven't started working again. Basically the devices are 'passing' but...
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    Post Magisk General Support / Discussion

    My ctsProfile now passes too, but no apps that check for root work anymore so it doesn't seem to have really changed anything.
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    Post [KERNEL][N96xx][PIE][2019-12-26] ** TGPKERNEL **[v1.7.1][4.9.207][CSK1]

    It's stored within the SoC itself and read directly out from the hardware. The kernel doesn't hold any of the voltage/asv tables.
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    Post Max Battery Capacity Not 4 Amps

    It will be rated for 4.4v charge float voltage, but Samsung always terminate those cells at 4.35v max. That's been the case since the S5/Note 4 days or maybe even earlier. I don't think typical capacity will be much over 3800 mAh. It will be rated 4000 at full voltage but the cell is stopped at...
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    Post Max Battery Capacity Not 4 Amps

    The phone reports it's real capacity, you can only read it with root access though. The ~94% figures are going to be apps guessing the capacity based on a 4000 mAh cell @ 4.35v actually only charging to 4.28v. It's all they can do without root access and reading the correct files. The real...
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    Post The 80-40 battery cult crowd.

    It's not impossible. The charge setup is in the kernel sources for everyone to read. We know exactly what they are charging the batteries to, and therefore we know they are undercharging them. Coming from a Note 4 the non-removal battery was one of my biggest gripes about upgrading device...
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    Post Max Battery Capacity Not 4 Amps

    The float voltage is 4.35v but the battery doesn't charge that high on a stock kernel. It's definitely configured at 4.28v in the source code. Mine reports 4.29v when full on the charger.
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    Post Max Battery Capacity Not 4 Amps

    I do wonder how much of the "missing" capacity is the fact that the phone underchargs the battery deliberately. It's a 3.85v nominal cell so that means a 4.35v cut off voltage, but the phone actually stops charging at 4.28v to improve cycle life. That 70mv different will easily account for 5-7%...
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    Post [ROM] [MM 6.0.1] KatshMallow v29 [TF201]

    I'm having a bit of an issue with my prime that's running V22. I can't seem to access recovery anymore. The device just boots into the rom no matter what I do. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do with this? It works fine in the rom, just seem weird that recovery/bootloader is...
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    Post [KERNEL][5.1.1][TW][N910C] Simplicity Kernel v1.3 [04-04-2016][CUSTOM]

    Giving it a try. Seem good so far! Two things on V1.2. The GPU max default speed is still 100-800MHz, it wasn't changed to 160-600MHz (which is a much nicer setting - 100MHz is too slow and drops frames, and 800MHz is far beyond a sustainable clockspeed). Also in synapse, the "HMP migration on...
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    Post [KERNEL][5.1.1][TW][N910C] Simplicity Kernel v1.3 [04-04-2016][CUSTOM]

    Nice to see another customer kernel for the 910C! I'd be interested in giving it a try sometime, but do you plan to expand the CPU voltage control? -100mv isn't enough for me because my A57's currently run at -150mV and my A53's hit -175mV at certain speeds. I'd take a substantial voltage...
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    Post The Note 4 has live battery current monitoring, but no apps seem to take advantage

    Estimate what? Apps that run the battery the battery to 1% are the only way to actually and precisely measure the battery life of a device, since the batter capacity is at best an estimate and can be wildly different from the stated capacity depend on source and age. 'Current now' is a decent...
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    Post Official Linux kernel for Meizu Pro 5 smartphone (Exynos second wind)

    It's not even on the same SoC, so what are we expecting it to tell us? The 5433 files are pretty much the same as the stock Samsung ones - they even same the same typos in them.
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    Post [KERNEL][5.1.1][TW][N910C/H/U]Suemax-kernel-Lite-v1.7.8[FINAL][CUSTOM]

    There's an issue in the Perseus kernel code base that causes display input 'microlags' if WiFi is turned off. The issue has excised for at least 12 months, and is not new. This kernel is ultimately a fork of that codebase, so still suffers the same issues regarding the display lag. There have...