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  • Lol damn.. would have been sweet.. Hmm maybe I'll work on it as my first app. No clue how to do that kind of stuff, but it's worth a shot.

    I ran into the LogCat formatting script in your blog. I had a question, but didn't get a response to my comment. I'm trying to run the script from my terminal, but I want to make sure I'm not messing this up.

    Right now, I'm at:

    cd /system/bin
    wget http://jsharkey.org/downloads/coloredlogcat.pytxt
    mv coloredlogcat.pytxt logcat
    chmod 555 logcat

    My only issue is that logcat already exists in /system/bin. Will I be overwriting it, and is that not an issue? Should I rename it flogcat or something?
    i really hate to bother you but im having some trouble and i have searched all over the forum and cant find an answer. well heres my problem. my g1 is not reading any sd card i put in it. it has been working fine. i have flashed many themes and jf roms and i was gonna try out the magic 4.5 but needed to put my ringtones and notifications on sd card. now while doing this i dont know if i entered something wrong or what but after i did that and rebooted and did wipe preparing to flash magic rom it wasnt reading any more. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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