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Recent content by darshan1504

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    Post Network Problems after flashing Lineage OS

    I ended up taking it to the service centre where they replaced the entire motherboard. Still don't know what caused it but replacing the motherboard fixed the issue.
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    Post [MOD][Xposed]XInsta (2.0.4) - Download Images/Videos From Instagram

    EdXposed v2.0.9.7 beta + Xinsta 2.1.0 + Instagram v77. works well. A bit laggy and everything works except the story timer feature (which worked on one version but I don't remember which)
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    Have you tried denying phone permission to google play services app? Try that if you haven't
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    akhilnarang Is it possible to add slide across status bar to control brightness feature? Great ROM btw. Hope it beats the Oreo one in the future ??
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    I can't control the volume from my headphone controller. Please fix this. Rest all is perfect ??
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    I have some bugs to report. If fixable please fix- 1) Your internal system has some problem bug(bug already mention in OP) 2) Pie gestures are buggy and it says swipe on left or right which can be confused with miui gestures instead of op gestures. 3) If gestures are enabled, it doesnt...
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    Post [ROM][9.0] PE - Extended [Official][October 21]

    Adding to this >Changing volume via headphone controller doesn't work >Battery Stats not available >The last point(dark theme) is valid for the reboot warning also >Battery icon is buggy. It doesn't work if I choose percentage inside icon and charge to 100% > QS brightness slider option doesn't...
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    Post [ROM][Official]AOSiP 8.1[whyred]

    The setting is already present in settings>battery
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    Post [KERNEL][HMP/EAS][UC/OC][ANDROID-LINUX-STABLE] TwistLoop Kernel [4.4.159][CLANG]

    I tried several different kernel tweakers including EX but when I change the governor to schedalucard or pwrutil, the phone gets stuck on the lockscreen after reboot. I have to boot to TWRP and flash the kernel again for my phone to function properly
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    Post [OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix-OS 6.2.0[Treble][OTA][RN5PINDIA/RN5 CHINA/GLOBAL[11-Sep]

    This is happening with me too. I don't think this is a ROM issue because I faced this issue on AOSiP and AOSP Pie also. I'm still unsure what's causing this but if someone can figure it out, it'll be great help.
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    Post [KERNEL][HMP/EAS][UC/OC][ANDROID-LINUX-STABLE] TwistLoop Kernel [4.4.159][CLANG]

    I'm not able to change CPU governors. It's fixed at electroutil. I tried changing it to schedutil and schedalucard but it resets after reboot. I'm using kernel adiutor. Any idea why this is happening?
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    Post [ROM][Official]AOSiP 8.1[whyred]

    Copy the zip file to /system/media Rename the bootanimation zip already present to bootanimation.zip.bak Rename the copied zip file to bootanimation.zip and give it rwrr permission Reboot. If you can't boot into the ROM after then rename the original file to bootanimation.zip and give it...
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    Post [ROM][Official]AOSiP 8.1[whyred]

    Here's the old bootanimation if you or anyone else wants
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Ask ANY Question. Noob Friendly.

    Is there any app(root or without) that can change the size of the navbar? I am on android p and I find the navbar extremely intrusive. There's no Xposed for android p so..