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  • Hi can i ask you something about my touch pro 2? And if you want we can chat via MSN because here it will be slow
    Hey dave how do I get the restrictions lifted, I was going to post a screenshot, I set the link for the image back to my webserver, but got restriction message.

    I paid to Paypal because I believe that direct to you.But it mistake ,the money paid to [email protected] (First time I believe that he is your staff. in the future ,pls careful and chang your donate system. Everybody must be trust because it show after follow your warning to donate) Anyway pls help me to HSPL my IMEI is xxxx. I am in Thailand.Sorry my English not strong.([email protected]) Thank you in advance.
    We donated follow the instruction after we can't HSPL warning. we paid donate 2 times (May'6 and May'17 ) in detail we just known we pay to [email protected],hu . We think he is the Gang,because after he recieved ,he can't contact m to help me for HSPL. We lost money and just can't HSPL. I am personal use in Thailand. Pls Help me to Hspl my
    IMEI xxxx. Pls Help me.

    Best Regards,
    [email protected]
    Hi mate . i want to ask you something about htc touch 3g jade ( t3232 ) how can i unlock it ? is locked on vodafone spain .. i just falshed to 2.32.OliNex ..

    Nice little app dude, if you don't mind telling me how exactly do I apply my own skin. Do I have to change something on the Phone's Registry? 'cause I have no idea how to do this. Thanks in advance dude!
    Hey Dave, sorry to barge in on you like this but im about to flash my htc kaiser using the sd card method and i need one final bit of information... Do i leave my sim card in the device or take it out??
    Heh! Meltham (& Wills 'o Nats) is as far as I regularily get in that direction. Other than that I remember having had the worst B&B expierience as of yet in Holmfirth. But that single occurance left aside: stunning views. Love it there :) That reminds me....I should go and watch an episode of Last of Summers wine again :)

    Take care and thanks for that lovely trip down memory lane,

    seeing 'Hudds' brought me here. Used to be up in Colne Valley quite a few times ...Ah, memories :-D
    Not that I know of, but the admins deal with all of that side of stuff, I just moderate posts :).

    PM svetius or Flar if you have any more concerns.

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