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  • Hello David - Yes I'm looking for a Black Notification bar tweak for the Moto Droid, running Android 2.0.1, just the stock rom that comes with the phone
    Hey David, I seen you are one of the themers that actually made a theme for dwang. I am pretty comfortable with extracting roms, and moving applications around, and resigning everything. I just wanted to know what all changes do I need to make to a theme in order to make it compatible with dwangs roms. I would like to take a couple of themes made for cyanogen, and make them compatible with dwangs rom.
    RE:need help with g1

    What did you take today? You were entirely too nice, I would not have been so helpful after the 4th post.

    Please tell me what you're taking, I need some, to put up with the "non searchers".
    can you help me set up my g1 i wet the screen and the touch screen dont work...it asks me to touch the android and i cant ......please help me
    haha thanks pistol :) i got it from an episode of the simpsons i was watching earlier today and it made me laugh, and i thought it was very relevant to the human condition so i threw it in there.
    Your welcome, and its no problem for me at all. I have a new theme I will be working on, but I should be finishing it up pretty soon, hopefully tonight or tomorrow night. It will be by far the most comprehensive theme I have done to date, spanning all 39 of the .apk's in the theme template with drawable folders. even the bloody power control, search, and music widget have been skinned (that was a nightmare), and I think I just got an idea for the clock so I might toss that in as well, but for now I am using a modded version of manup456's redRUM clock. here are a few screen shots of it. Ugh... starting to ramble.
    I wanted to say thanks fro.m the keys on my g1 for all of the help you've given me. I've been staying with my mom cause my dad is on vacation and I don't have time to do anything or help any body. Soon when I have some spare time I'm gonna fix most of the icons and send you .9.png files so it doesn't look so crappy. Thanks again.
    Uhm, I'm on your theme, Cyan 4.0.4 ROM, and everything else you set up. But for some reason the SilentMode OnOff widget won't work. I put it on my thingy and it says loading for the past 2 hours. The wifi one works perfectly fine.
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