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    Post Ringke Dual Easy Wing Screen Protector Questions

    It leaves marks but they're hardly noticeable, especially when the screen is on. Actually makes the screen a little easier to write on imo. My main gripe with it is that the oleophobic coating is not that great, so fingerprints don't wipe off super easily, but I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker...
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    Post What is the best case you will recommend for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    How are you liking the case so far? A little bit concerning to hear that it's so slippery. I really want the case but at that price, it better be perfect haha. Any other cases that you'd compare it to?
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    Post What is the best case you will recommend for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    Honestly I think he's full of it. You can find these exact cases on Aliexpress for about $20 shipped to the US. Just look up "aramid fiber case note 20 ultra." Lew later is known to be a liar so I wouldn't trust what he says.
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    Post How to fix app drawer opening when swiping for recents?

    Try using the 3 location Samsung gestures instead of the Android 10 one. It's way smoother and doesn't have hiccups with 3rd party launchers. You can also get rid of the indicators so you have a completely clean screen, no bar at all on the bottom. This coupled with onehandedgestures from good...
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    Post Heat

    Mine is similar actually. I just don't understand how some of these people are posted 8hr+ SOTs and how there can be so much variance in battery life.
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    Post Heat

    How's your battery life? I'm wondering if mine is a dud or if there's settings I can change, but my phone seems to stay on the hotter side and battery life is decent, not great. I don't know if they so replacements here in Korea but I would be interested if it's possible.
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    Post Screen on time

    How are your temps so low? I have the SD version and I am sitting at 84F at the lowest at complete idle.
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    Post Heat

    How are everyone's Temps when using the camera? My phone hits around 40c/102f and starts draining battery crazy fast whenever taking pictures and video. Is that normal for everyone else? I have the sd865 Korean variant.
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    Post Heat

    Wow are your temps still that low? How about when wireless charging? I have the South Korean version too and I hit about 40c when wireless charging, and a lot of times it just sits around 35c when doing normal tasks.
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    Post What is the best case you will recommend for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    Spigen Slim Armor CS. Its nice but was too bulky and heavy for me.
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    Post Google Play services & other app drain

    Did you transfer everything over through Smart Switch? My drain was horrible at first and I did a hail mary factory reset after reading some other forums online. That combined with putting apps to sleep has brought my drain down to about 1.2% for Google Play over 16 hours. Clearing Google Play...
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    Post What is the best case you will recommend for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    Dang this one looks nice! Exactly what I was looking for, clear matte back with black trim. I have the Ringke Fusion matte version which I like a lot except for the clear trim. Will be looking into this one!
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    Post Note 20 Ultra has a secret 96hz display refresh rate - Here is how to enable it

    Awesome, thanks! I'm a bit hesitant cause I just factory reset my phone and don't want to go through all the set up again, but since it seems like it's working well for you I might give it a go.
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    Post Auto switch between FHD @120hz & WQHD @60Hz on per app basis

    This is awesome, thank you! Does the 96hz refresh rate work as well?