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  • I don't have any updated links for the ones in the newb guide, but a quick search for "RA Recovery Image" on the G2/Hero forum should bring up what you need. I no longer have a hero, so don't keep up with resources for it... xx
    Check back through the original guide - you need to make sure you:
    Have the drivers for the SDK
    Are in FASTBOOT USB mode

    Just go back over the guide from the start to make sure you do it all. Good luck xx
    sorry again, phone wont boot into recovery console, i have a console on my computer, type in commands and it says device not found, where am i going wrong. sorry :}
    Yeah its just the recovery image. Put it in the tools folder of sdk (write down the filename though) then just use that file name instead of the older one.
    Sorry to be a pain !!!!!!!!!! downloaded correct file, but nothing to unzip just the file itsself, is this correct, useless i know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hi Dayzee,

    I am trying to root my t-mobile g2, your instructions are crystal clear even for a learner like me, only problem is link to recovery img on rapidshare is no longer there. can you help ?

    many thanks
    darren cook
    Hi Dayzee, I acidently posted my thread two times, It was titled something like: Error when trying to root, or something, I hope you dont authorize it because of this please
    Hi Dayzee, just used your awesome guide to learn how to Fastboot - thanks for writing it up, very helpful :)
    yeah im loving it, great phone!
    i popped the modaco rom on and formatted the sd card with an ext3 partition so the apps get inslalled on that.
    only thing is i only have 4gb sd card and going to get an 8gb one.
    do you know how i can copy everything for th 4gb to the 8gb including all the partition or cant this be done????
    thanks for your help!!!
    Hey question for you,., on your tag line i see you use aps 2 sd. What is that. Can you point me in the right direction to get that software]
    Just wanted to say thanks for the post about how to root a htc hero for noobs!
    did it no worries, no to start playing about and loading custom roms hoorah!
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