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    Post [Kernel][06.10.2022][4.14.295][A12][A13] Kirisakura 9.0.2 for Pixel 4/XL aka FLORAL

    I'm just wondering why does my phone freeze after few minutes in cam calls , Instagram , Meet "Duo" , messenger .. i don't know why but my phone freeze and i can hear the other person talking but the screen is frozen and i can do nothing except force reboot with power button . This had happened...
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    Post Google Pixel 4 and 4XL firehose

    I need them for Pixel 3xl
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    Post Charging speed

    The phone locks it's self to a specific out of the box speed , i mean u have google pixel 4xl and it's a advertised that it's 18 w fast charge , do even if i put a 100 w charger it would take 18 w only , that's why the have Power delivery technology , it's for the communication between the phone...
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    Post [Kernel][06.10.2022][4.14.295][A12][A13] Kirisakura 9.0.2 for Pixel 4/XL aka FLORAL

    Steps 1- Boot to twrp and wipe everything 2- Install Los Rom . "Sideload it if you don't have Mtp , sometimes i don't get the mtp device so i flahs using adb sideload. 3- Get the boot.img from Los 18.1 zip file . Boot to phone and patch the boot.img , another patched magisk_patched_ boot.img...
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    Post Black screen Pixel 4 XL, how to recover data?

    There are a lot of ways to do that but you need to unlock the phone first , do you have a lock pin or pattern lock ? Does the touch screen works ?
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    Thread How to get Root+CustomKernel Android 11?

    hey guys i bought Pixel 4xl few days ago and today i decided to unlockbootloader and start flashing ... i know a lot about fastboot and things like that , i came from a heavily moded pixel 2. i can't get my head around how to root it and have a custom kernel at the same time. i unlocked my...
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    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 2 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    i got the select option and i don't use it very often but after reading your reply i tried it and yes i can't select anything , i don't know how to fix this . sorry ...
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    Post Pixel 3xl hard brick Qloader 9008

    hi again , i think i need GPT file so i can create Rawprogram0.xml and patch0.xml with GPTanalizer and ptool.
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    Thread Pixel 3xl hard brick Qloader 9008

    Hey guys , i got my Pixel about a year ago and everything was working fine , it was running full stock '' Locked bootloder '' Today without reboots or anything , i pulled it out of my pocket and nothing it was dead. no recovery , no download mode , no sign of life . when i connect it to my...
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    Thread [FIX] [SOLVED] FIX ''Pixel launcher keeps on stopping'' on AOSP ROMS

    Hey Guys I just Flashed ProtonOS '' AOSP ROM'' and the only problem i got is i coudn't run Pixel laucher and it keeps on stopping , so i looked around the internet and there are some suggestions to install it as system app and such ... didn't work for me. i found a solution : steps: -Download...
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    Post ROM ❯ PIXEL 2 ❯ OFFICIAL ❯ ProtonAOSP 11

    hey guys i got PixelLauncher app to work on this ROM just by flashing a zip Now i got the best animations and the '' Select " option is back so i can copy anything from any app ...
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    Post [ROM][11][OFFICAL] Evolution X 5.1

    Flashing ... Coming from RR to This will tell the difference soon , BTW Is the rom rooted or i have to do that "flashing boot.img .. thing again , since it's the only way to root Android 11" and i'm willing to try it with Elementalx Kernel