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Recent content by DecaPix

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    Post Stock Rom For HTC First

    Refer to here: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=29364 Credits to JMZ
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    Post [ROM][SOURCE] CyanogenMod 11 [3/25/2016][STABLE]

    anyone having issues of the alarm not being triggered? it's like unable to wake from deep sleep.
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    Post [kernel][6.0.1] berserk [18/7/16]

    not happening to you doesnt mean it's not there. Diff chips have different tolerance to UV. I didnt change hotplug. it was at MSM hot plug. only thing i changed it CPU freq: 300-1200 CPU governor : impluse GPU freq: 200-400
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    Post [kernel][6.0.1] berserk [18/7/16]

    can confirm the wake up bug as well. i am using 2014817. think it's too much UV? revert back to Tesla kernel and all good
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    Post [ROM][Redmi 2] CAF_AOSP_6.0.1 for Redmi2 WT88047

    pirej, the new kernel helps a lot in terms of battery life. now the device hardly go above 60 deg C when gaming compared to previously it'll be above 70. will monitor the battery life some more and revert back. Thanks for the new hot plug!
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    Post [ROM][Redmi 2] CAF_AOSP_6.0.1 for Redmi2 WT88047

    Pirej, your test kernel didnt work. I followed this guide to get 400 mhz. but all 4 cores are up. in CM, some cores will go offline when CPU load is low. Managed to get android wear to connect after i restart the phone and the watch. When i click settings>mobile networks then error of...
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    Post [ROM][Redmi 2] CAF_AOSP_6.0.1 for Redmi2 WT88047

    pirej, just installed your ROM. all 4 cores of the cpu are running. even i set min speed to 400 mhz it wont change. i think this will cause battery drain. tried to connect to android wear last night but it wont connect. will try again today and see. YAS sensor is working. but any idea what is...
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    Post [ROM][WT88047][L][5.1.1] CyanogenMod unofficial builds

    hi, i am using emfox build and i have the proximity sensor bug during calls. the sensor is working fine when tested with apps. my model is 2014817. what can i do to help diagnose the problem?
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    Post [ROM] [ Mi3W/ Mi4] XenonHD-5.1 [ Official ]

    i have this bus as well. i think is when whatsapp need to resize the file then the problem occur. If i send standard 15 mb file, it'll resize to 4mb..then it'll FC if i trim the file down to 4mb, then it's ok.
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    Post long time no talk

    still using my First and still hoping to get at least KitKat so that i can pair with android wear... but looks like no luck and i have to change my phone soon. :crying: but seriously between first and Moto G, i'll get the moto G at least you get official Lollipop support. 5 hrs SOT. The 1st gen...
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    Post Xposed Framework

    hhmm ok The Sense ROM already have battery percent. Smart radio doesnt work with mine. Managed to get the long press home to sleep. So i am still wondering... haha thanks for the info
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    Post Xposed Framework

    ok, what you need inside Gravity Box that is not available from the ROM?
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    Post Xposed Framework

    Question... what do you use the Xposed module for? i have installed and cant find any module suitable for me! :confused:
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    Post Great NEWS, cm11 for first is coming

    oh....looks like almost time to get a new phone then :~( was hoping to get at least android 4.3 to support android wear.
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    Post [S.ROM]HTC First Sense5 RC1.8 2014/7/20

    hhmmm... wondering is this Sense 4 ROM by TS? http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qWwN4lA Any one dare to try?