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    Post General Poco X3 GT AOSP progress

    and how to flash this ROM? same as Poco F3 GT -unlock bootloader -check if u are using MIUI V12.5.16.0.RKPCNXM firmware -flash boot image with lineage recovery fastboot flash boot_ab <boot image> -reboot to recovery fastboot reboot recovery -wipe data/factory reset(MUST DO IT BEFORE SWITCH TO...
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    Post General Poco X3 GT AOSP progress

    btw, beacuse im using Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G(China version of Poco X3 GT), so these ROM are using MIUI V12.5.16.0.RKPCNXM firmware.
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    Thread General Poco X3 GT AOSP progress

    Now Poco X3 GT has some A11 ROM such as LineageOS 18.1,DotOS,etc. But it has some same issues likes IMS not working, bluetooth audio not working,and some media codec cannot work fine. Im new in android development and my friends are not good at MediaTek AOSP debug,so these issues i dont know how...
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    Thread General [WIP] POCO X3 GT / Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G Device Tree

    I'm learning how to write a device tree for building Android for POCO X3 GT, as you can see this is my Device tree repository ,Although it is not yet fully used to build a usable custom Android system and not particularly good-looking,but it can at least pass the build😃 as you can see i used...