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Recent content by deejaylobo

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    Post [Q] [Moto X XT1060] Issues with WiFi and Bluetooth.

    I'm on 5.1 stock XT1053. Did a clean install from 4.4.4 when I started having the issue with WiFi not switching on. Now, I'm unable to root my phone. Get a message saying SU Binary was not found. The strangest thing is when I use TWRP to browse my files, I can't seem to find a /persist folder...
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    Post [HELP THREAD] Moto X Ask any question

    Hey guys, I recently returned my Moto X XT1053 to stock lollipop 5.1. My WiFi and Bluetooth would not switch on on my previous stock, rooted 4.4.4 ROM. So I decided to install a fresh ROM including recovery. Unfortunately the WiFi and Bluetooth issue persists. I found this thread...
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    Post Flickering colour static every so often

    I'm seeing the same issue. I'm guessing by your experience, I should RMA my device too, but I'm going to try a reset using PC Companion first. The static looks a lot like this.
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    Post [RC-FAQ] >> Frequently Asked Questions for Motorola Moto G [Updated : 2015/09/23]

    I just received the OTA update for 4.4.4.(XT-1033) I'm currently rooted, with an unlocked bootloader, running a few Xposed Modules. What should I do to safely update with the OTA?
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    Post [Resolved] Moto X randomly bricked itself

    I only found one person with a similar issue, and you're right, he did end up getting a replacement. That's just not an option for me. It's too much of a pain sending it back to the US. Yeah, I think I will reflash a ROM. Can you point me towards figuring out which is the correct ROM? My System...
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    Post [Resolved] Moto X randomly bricked itself

    No, it was not rooted, completely stock and the bootloader was locked. Something just got borked I guess. It was on 4.4.3. It was like there was no recovery and I attempted to access it a bunch of time. So, my solution was to just void my warranty and unlock the bootloader. This worked. But, on...
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    Thread [Resolved] Moto X randomly bricked itself

    So, I imported and gifted this device to my GF and will describe what happened as she did. She was downloading a torrent and suddenly the screen just went black. After holding the power button for awhile, the phone came back on but, would get stuck on the boot logo(welcome message) screen and in...
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    Post [Q] Erratic Ghost Touches

    Sounds like a dodgy USB cable or port.
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    Post Your Google Play Store is blocked? Search/request your app here!

    Could someone post the latest version of Circa? The current link leads to an empty page.
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    Post Stupid Questions Thread - No question too stupid!

    [Deleted] ---------- Post added at 03:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:53 PM ---------- So, I managed to use CASUAL and the debloater but, I'm still seeing a bunch of ATT apps like ATT DriverMode, ATT FamilyMap, ATT Smart WiFi etc. There's even ATT Address Book when I open my Contacts...
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    Post Stupid Questions Thread - No question too stupid!

    My Build Number is JDQ39.1337UCUAMDL I guess that means MDL?
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    Post Stupid Questions Thread - No question too stupid!

    Hey guys, I'm trying to get my friend's ATT S4 completely free of ATT as he's left the US and wants to use his phone here. I've managed to SIM unlock it and now I'd like to just give him the latest TouchWiz ROM that has all the ATT bloatware removed. He's used to TouchWiz even though he doesn't...
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+] XenoAmp 0.405 (22052015) - A Slightly Different Audio Player

    Hey, glad to find this thread. I think your music player is great and has real potential to be one of the best on the Play Store. It is a bit complicated and not very user friendly at the moment but, the new look for the tutorial is a definite step in the right direction. Another thing I think...
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    Post [DEV][CRACKFLASHERS] 4.1 Jelly Bean JRN84D (Gnex)/ JRN84C (SDK)

    Thanks for this preview. Jelly Bean is seriously smoother than ICS. I'm impressed; even the task switcher pops up much faster although, I was using it on a fresh install so my other 70 apps weren't bogging down the phone. Still, this is great! Can't wait for the OTA.
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    Post [APP][1.6+] Notifications on your PC - DeskNotifier

    Couldn't you just have Tasker load the app and then go HOME when you connect to WIFI or whatever? This should work, in theory. No need for a plugin then. And maybe, kill the app when you disconnect from WIFI too. EDIT: Oh! but, it wont auto connect without some user interaction. My bad.