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  • He buddy, miss you around, how are you and your wife doing, is everything ok ?

    Wish you both the best
    Hi DJ as mentioned before the bootloader was only for a working device it was my fault pointing you in the wrong direction, I'm not sure if you can fix it, I think you have the same problem I had, and I think you have to change your motherboard.

    Goodluck and if I can do anything else just ask.
    well thx a lot walter for ur help.let me c first what can be done to revive the device and then i will think what i have to do man.i will be back after 10 hrs from now
    Hi DJ, yes I'm online now, just read your pm, think you have the same problem as I had, and I afraid your motherboard is broken, the only two things you can do is try to flash from SD, or strip and clean your Niki but I don't think this will work.
    Here is how you strip your Niki
    It unfortenally something we have to face by making rom's for other people.
    If it doesn't work I can take a look on a the Dutch marketplace to see if there is a cheap second hand Niki, I bought my for €50,- if I bring my other Niki for repair it costs me €70,-
    Just let me know if that is what you want.

    Okay buddy, it's time for me to go to bed, missed you on the forum, hope you can fix your Niki asap, wish you the best buddy and hope to hear from you tommorrow.

    Sorry buddy, wasn't online at that time, stupid from me to give you a file if you don't have a usable device, sorry for that.
    The suggestion you could try is to flash from sd-card and see what happens then, flashing from sd card is HERE.
    I will be onnline at approx. 20.00 GMT (That's the English time).
    Goodluck buddy, if anyone deserve a full working device then it is you, for all the work you do for the Niki and Neon.

    Till later
    hey walter i can enter into boot loader,the thing is i cant flash the stock rom,or radio at all.can flash the cooked rom but of no work,since the device stucks at the smart mobility,without the radio description.but i am downloading the file u have provided
    r u online now
    Okay here is the file, just noticed you're off-line, hope to see you back soon, so I can help you, for now here's is the bootloaderprogram, just tested on my device and it works.

    That's bad news, I also had a almost similar problem with my Niki, the last couple off day's, I think it has something to do with the new gui, not sure, I could only use the original rom's and the Megan 1.3 from Salvatore, I've solved it to do the hardspl again and flash the original rom that came with the phone, in my case the dutch version, not sure if this fix was the way it should be , but it worked.
    Ok, to go back to your problem, if you can't go into the bootloader we have to find a bootloader program, so we can start it from the program files, and if that works than flash your original rom (that's my suggestion).
    Ok I'll be back in a few minutes now search for the bootloader file.

    hi walter
    thx for testing..always feel good whe u say something good.i dot get sleep now a days.wife keeps vomating a few times i night,so i dont get sleep.right now also while its .3.05 am i am on xda.i know i sud sleep properly...but feel like suffering from insomania
    Hi buddy, just tested your V-B-2, nice clean and fast, just a nice rom for the people who like to add there own stuff, well done, and plse buddy don't forget to sleep, there is more in live than xda.
    Whish you and the wife all the best.

    andyyyyyyyy.....budyyyyy sooooooo nice to c a pm from u.i didn't expect that today when I will get a pm it will be urs.i am so excited happy for u.i just can't express myself..not getting words andy.
    yes I know u gonna prove those bastards wrong and will walk on ur feet soon. oh andy I am so happy man.dont even try ur mobile now.all I want is to back u soon and then only flash my roms.
    I know how much pain u must be getting but u will overcome all that with ur strong will power.isn't it andy .don't reply if u get pain just relax and buck up man ...
    I cant try your software at the moment doctors willnot let me use my phone in here something about the phone stopping heart monitors (yeah right) but give me a couple of days and i find away of testing the software

    Anyway again thanks for the support and opening the thread ill leave a note on there later.
    Hi buddy. im in my private rom using a pay and go dongle. Thanks for your support i will be up and around soon im going to prove these bastard doctors wrong and be up and running in a few weeks they reckon it will take months.

    i have very light movement in my legs at the moment. i can wiggle my toes and feel pain but that it but the doctors says that normal as i have broken my back in 2 place and it need to mend before full movement.

    i have to move around very slowly and pull myself arouind but at least now i have the laptop to keep my brain active.

    My partner cant get online she has the boys to look after and the rest of the time she up here looking after me :) and my brother he running my business at the moment and sorting out insurance claims ect.

    He did say yesterday he was going on here tonight but i bet him 2 it.

    right goto to go and the dictors are coming to see me at 3.

    Hi DJ, any news about Andy just hoping and praying (for the first time of my live) he will be back on his feet soon.

    Regards Walter
    hi there ,i like your wish and happy you want to try to make manila 3d work on qvga devices ,how is the proccess ?
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