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    Post ArchiDroid Q&A/T

    Status Bar Guys, after installing this ROM ArchiDroid my status bar is showing data on CPU, RAM status bar in the center, but I can not find the option to remove it from there. because I want is the clock that position ... Anyone know how to remove it?
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    Post Samsung Galaxy S3 GT i9300 "Not Registered to Network"

    Got it from the beginning I already knew that the only solution was to bring in a same technical assistance, but thought I had another solution now is to see how they will charge for the service in relation to firmware believe that it does not interfere much, since I bought the machine in the...
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    Post ArchiDroid Q&A/T

    Got it ... Well I'm using the MIUI V5 4.8.8 (the latest version available for the GS3 i9300 since SamMobile gave up to continue the development of operating systems for the GS3 then MIUI also stopped developing, and lately she's getting a little heavy since my version of GS3 is the 1GB of RAM...
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    Post ArchiDroid Q&A/T

    Well I know many, many ROMs out there, but never heard of this "AD2.X", this is actually a ROM or is a Kernel or Firmware? Because I know the ROMs are the ones with big names, these deeper ROMs usually not known, and because I am new here, many things still need to know ... So when you say the...
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    Post ArchiDroid Q&A/T

    I understand, however it is worth remembering that I highlighted above "Perhaps I have misunderstood the emphasis of your comment" rightfully so, while I might have misunderstood, for example, you could be saying something completely different from what I had understood, but my question was just...
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    Post ArchiDroid Q&A/T

    I may have misunderstood the emphasis of your comment, but it sounded like something offensive, the fact that I have posted something that is already relevant or rhetorical, does not make me lay or much less lazy, I'm new in this community, and as usual many communities, it is always necessary...
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    Thread Samsung Galaxy S3 GT i9300 "Not Registered to Network"

    Look my device (Samsung Galaxy S3 GT i9300) has a problem in the GSM system to attempting a connection appears the message "Not Registered to Network", I literally everything you can imagine in this world (absolutely everything), I started trying: - Use the new version of Busybox and the old...
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    Post [Q&A] [ROM][364MB][NB6]Revolutionary S5 V3 - Why buy an S5? [PATCHED V3]

    Staff need someone Clarify Doubts That I Have Giant Here! Personal lately I'm really no time to be able to analyze a ROM, so I need a very objective analysis, my smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300, unfortunately he has a problem in the GSM engine, which can no longer make calls and the...
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    Post ArchiDroid Q&A/T

    Doubt The comments here are very random, but overall, this ROM is the most advisable to use? Revolutionary or S5 V3