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    Post The A80, can we fix samsung's mess with LineageOS?

    I definitely agree with you but you know, unfortunately Galaxy A80 isn't sold too much such as A70, A71 and other A series without A80 are popular -because they are more cheap than A80-, so I think developers don't want to make, develop or port any ROM for uncommon and under-sold devices like...
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    Post [ROM][XZ1 G8341][AOSP][Android 11][Security Patch 05 November 2020]

    Can you share us the screenshots of ROM? Also, is this ROM has Sony Music (Walkman) and Album app?
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    Post [VoLTE][ROM][10] Havoc OS -Unofficial Updated : 27th August 2020

    Downloading the ROM now, I hope this ROM is better than BlissRoms
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    Post [VOLTE][ROM][10][OFFICIAL][Poplar] BlissRoms Q [12.11] - [28th August 2020]

    Unfortunately, VoLTE is not working on my device. The file will not fix the volte problem. But you can fix the google play services :)
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    Post [VOLTE][ROM][10][OFFICIAL][Poplar] BlissRoms Q [12.11] - [28th August 2020]

    Yes, I also had this problem but I fixed it. https://t.me/poplarstockdevelopment Join the Telegram group in the link I gave above. And download the file called webview.zip, and install this file at TWRP.
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    Post [VOLTE][ROM][10][OFFICIAL][Poplar] BlissRoms Q [12.11] - [28th August 2020]

    I have got problems with internal internet browser and google play services. I installed the ROM again but it didn't work. Still same https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-0Nh98gDa66tluSkEqxlfY8XjxwkTGb0/view?usp=drivesdk -> Internet browser I have a blank screen when I want to add my Google...
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    Post [9][OFFICIAL][WEEKLY] CarbonROM | cr-7.0 [poplar]

    is cr 8.0 pax version stable for g8341? I will install this ROM right now
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    Post [Oreo 8.1.X][XZ1 - G8341] Android Open Source Project

    Hello, can I downgrade my XZ1's android version (android 9) with this ROM?
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    Post [9.0][OFFICIAL]Resurrection Remix v7.0.2 [klte]

    ROM'a aşık oldum resmen, en stabil ROM bu gerçekten, çok teşekkür ederiz ---------- Post added at 09:14 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:13 PM ---------- Yalnız Android 10'u da yapacak mısınız?
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    Post [UNOFFICIAL][10.0][KLTExx] HAVOC-OS v3.12 [STABLE]

    This rom is compatible with g900f, right?