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  • hey i love your work but i need help with one thing where do i put the BLUE SENSE S2U2 LOCK folder at in my htc hd2 phone i'm useing [THEME]BLUE-SENSE-SUITE[sense+max-manila+s2u2 can you plz heip thnx.
    ho un vecchio Hd touch e volevo installare i tuoi temi.
    Mi faresti la cortesia di fornirmi l'immagine del Carbon wallpaper e del glass teme così che con hdwall possa modificarli?
    Se non vuoi divulgare le tue creazioni, puoi fornirmi il cab del glass in colore grigio scuro e del carbon senza la scritta HD2 al centro?

    sorry for being so annoying with my questions and requests.....what if i created everything in photoshop and you convert them to theme files using CFC gui???
    and it will be a theme created by you & me...
    it's just a suggestion.....
    thanks....i downloaded CFC gui...but i can't understand how to use the prog....i imported file from my device...just this step...i don't know what to do later....could you tell me where to find a tutorial for this program.... you use HDwalls for theming or what???

    i used to be a theme creator for symbian phone and i'm totally new on windows mobile world and i really want to create themes for my could you tell me what programs u use for creating this lovely themes??

    thanks in advance...
    How did U change the icons on manila tab? please let me know. Thanx in advance .
    And awesome theme
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