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    Post S21 GCam Ports

    If you edit the xml and change "pref_aux_enable_id4_key" to 0, it will hide the 4th zoom/camera option that crashes on the s21/+. No idea what else actually to be changed, but it's working well on my S21 otherwise.
  2. detonation

    Post Thee Best Screen Protector!!!

    Was planning to buy one based off all the great comments but that's a deal breaker right there. I can't understand how someone could be ok with a screen protector covering any part of the screen, no matter how little.
  3. detonation

    Post Pixel 3 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

    Anyone know where I can get this screen protector in the US? Or a similar one without camera cutouts? Looks like AhaSky is UK only.
  4. detonation

    Post List of Google Pixel 2 XL Cases

    Has anyone tried the new Ringke Slim case yet? Looking for a slim solid white (not frosted) case and this one looks great but I'm concerned it might be too slippery. Otherwise I'll grab the Nillkin but I like that the Ringke covers the top and bottom...
  5. detonation

    Post Psst - Hey skin manufacturers, a little suggestion?

    What skin is that? Looking for a simple clear skin for the back so the phone doesn't slip-n-slide off every surface.
  6. detonation

    Post S2's on clearence at Wal-Mart - I missed out 8" $99, 9.7" $124

    At this point I wouldn't even bother. Most stores were wiped out before I even posted that (yes, I'm the OP of that thread :)). Walmart won't price match another store's clearance pricing anyway.
  7. detonation

    Post 8.0 or 9.7" or ?

    Display scaling is also the same between the two, right? Meaning if I open the same webpage on the 8" and 9.7", they will appear identical?
  8. detonation

    Post What is your manufacture date?

    32GB Aluminum Built: 05-10-2016 Bought: 07-25-2016 (Best Buy in store) The build quality/quality control of this device is far superior to the launch device (and subsequent replacements) I originally had before switching to an S7 Edge (and now back)
  9. detonation

    Post Galaxy S7 slow to wake

    AT&T is pushing out this update and the change log includes "Improves home and volume keys responsiveness". Hopefully that's related to this sd wake issue. Unfortunately I have the Verizon model so who knows when we'll see this update.
  10. detonation

    Post Bent after two days

    irl = in real life
  11. detonation

    Post Bent after two days

    Other retailers offer better deals than than Play Store. For example, at Newegg right now you can get the 6P for $450 plus a $50 giftcard and case, and no tax for most people. That's a net of $75-$100 cheaper than the play store.
  12. detonation

    Post Galaxy S7 slow to wake

    Is there still lag if the sd card is setup as adoptable storage?
  13. detonation

    Post Galaxy S7 slow to wake

    With so many contradicting reports in this thread, I'm wondering if the lag is actually unrelated to the brand and card size. Gotta be some other pattern.
  14. detonation

    Post [GUIDE] How to change DPI with or without root

    this works to reset: adb shell wm density reset && adb reboot
  15. detonation

    Post [GUIDE] How to change DPI with or without root

    Looks like you might not even need Adb to do this now: There is Native DPI Scaling Hidden in the Galaxy S7 The article mentions condensed is 540, but a user on reddit compared it to an adb change and it's 560