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    Post [Rom]N910T MR. KLEAN 1.0 [COG2]

    I've been using this for a day now and really like it. Thanks for the ROM. I get to keep the TW camera without all the Samsung bloat.
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    Post Problems with Odin

    For anyone that had this happen, I booted into the stock recovery, wiped data, and did a factory reset (DO NOT wipe the system if that is an option), rebooted, and it turned on. I'm not sure why. I tried flashing firmware 4 times. Hope this helps anyone having similar problems.
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    Thread Problems with Odin

    I tried to flash the stock firmware via Odin for the SM-T320 / mondrianwifi. I have tried Odin 3.10.6 and 3.09. I used the cellular south firmware listed on Sammobile. I tried the 2015-03-01 and 2014-11-01. Each time I tried to flash the firmware, it just stays at the SAMSUNG screen on boot...
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    Post [Firmware][Stock] Stock Firmware for Tab Pro's [Q&A][HowTo]

    This happened to me. Does anyone have a solution?
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    Post [ROM][MOD][YNG1TAS17L] Cyanogen OS 12 - Rooted | Cleaned | Small Mods

    Thanks for the ROM. It's been pretty smooth for the past 3 days. Any way to get boxer or leave boxer in (the one in the play store charges $10 for exchange services). Thanks again.
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    Post PSA: Google is offering a one time replacement on a cracked screen/water damage.

    Worked for me...waiting to see on refund goes. You have to buy the refurbished phone, then they refund you once the damaged phone reaches them.
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    Post 1 day with the G3..,

    After 5 weeks with the LG G3, I'm back on a Nexus 5. G3 cons: not as smooth as N5, takes FOREVER to charge, battery drains faster, sharpening looks terrible (but becomes much less noticeable after awhile), will never have the development of the N5 N5 come: smaller screen, inferior camera to...
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    Post Battery life - Clash of Clans

    CoC (and any game that requires a constant connection) will destroy your battery life. Completely normal.
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    Post [ROOT / TWRP][D851 ONLY][OSX/Linux/Windows] Root/TWRP your TMO G3 with PurpleDrake!

    THANK YOU. Easiest root process ever.
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    Post [CM ROM [hlte/universal] OFFICIAL CyanogenMod Builds (Nightlies) Maintainer Thread

    I'm running v66 (last one with TRDS / Dark Droid) of his ROM and v3.48 of his kernel on my SM-N900T. It's been running excellently. On earlier versions of his kernel, I had some FC problems, but those have been non-existent for a while now. I also no longer use greenify and it has been a lot...
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    Post [ROM][KitKat 4.4.3][LINARO][11/06/14]Heisenberg[AOKP BASED]

    On the AOKP htle page ( is states: "CyanogenMod enabled". When you click on "CyanogenMod enabled", it states "This device is enabled through CyanogenMod. We thank them for their excellent work, as should you! :)" It doesn't have this link or disclaimer on the Nexus 5...
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    Post ∆[HLTE/SPR/VZW][ROM][KERNEL][CM11][4.4.4] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Builds

    V63 is out. Comes with Temasek Kernel v3.30.
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    Post [ROM] W03 Slim / CM - See post #5410 for 5.1+

    No. Sent from my SM-N900T using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post ∆[HLTE/SPR/VZW][ROM][KERNEL][CM11][4.4.4] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Builds

    v62 / v3.28 is running perfectly. I didn't load greenify, it's a clean install, and I'm using stock kernel settings. Thanks. Sent from my SM-N900T using XDA Premium 4 mobile app