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Recent content by deviantus

  1. deviantus

    Post LG G6 Sprint No Upload Data (Solved)

    I'm waiting for someone who can resolve this issue. And there are more people. Could you please help us?
  2. deviantus

    Post Looking for unlock G6 Sprint

    I'm ready to pay to person who will help with fixing issues with slow/corrupted upload speed on unlocked sprint lg g6 phone. It was done by gcpro key. If you are able to help please send me private message.
  3. deviantus

    Post Mobile GSM Data issues after unlock

    The same problem. Download works ok, upload is very limited by small data packets =(
  4. deviantus

    Post Unlock SIM card

    What have you used for unlock?
  5. deviantus

    Post Unlock SIM card

    Good to hear unlock for 7.0 is available. But $32 is too expensive IMO, I'll wait until price will go down to $15 or so..
  6. deviantus

    Post LS 992 no mobile data after successful unlock

    I do not have GCPRO. And it's not only about software, it's hardware usb dongle. You can buy it but it's too expensive for one use =) asadnow2k have it but service will cost some buck$
  7. deviantus

    Post LS 992 no mobile data after successful unlock

    You should ask GCPROKEY developers when tool will support ZV8.
  8. deviantus

    Post LS 992 no mobile data after successful unlock

    1) Do hard reset 2) Unlock using GCPROKEY twice. You should use update42 to unlock ls992. Update45 does not work properly. 3) Disable Firmware auto update. 4) Under APN settings make sure "APN TYPE" is set to "default" (do not leave it blank). 5) Enjoy
  9. deviantus

    Thread Verizon LG G5 for international GSM

    Hi there! I'm going to buy Verizon LG G5 to use outside US. I have 3 questions: 1) Is it GSM unlocked to use outside US? 2) Is it possible to edit/add APN without root? 3) How does BAD ESN (IMEI) influence phone functionality? I mean: It will be still GMS unlocked with editable APN's? Thanks!
  10. deviantus

    Post TeamSPR ROM V3.6

    Installed latest ROM and OTA. And I do not have HotSpot in Settings. Any ideas how to turn it on? Thanks.
  11. deviantus

    Post Tether fix/workaround for S6 MM users. [Root not required]

    Please give us details do disable it )
  12. deviantus

    Post Marshmallow 6.0 Info Thread

  13. deviantus

    Post Adding new languages. Patch updated 02.02.16!G920R4 added.

    Does not work with OH1 or lower
  14. deviantus

    Post [KERNEL][920P/R4] UniKernel v9 120615

    It still crashes to lockscreen with v9 initial
  15. deviantus

    Post [JDCTeam][STABLE][5.1.1][RRO][10 April] The Android Open Source Project LMY49J (EOL)

    I'm using SPH-L720 GSM unlocked in GSM network outside USA. And issue with incoming calls still exists with latest build. Can be fixed by this one: http://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4-sprint/general/fix-calls-receiving-gsm-t3213006 But I have no idea how to fix old SMS bug - "message not...