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    Post [KERNEL] [February 4] OnePlus 7 ElementalX 2.11 (Android 10)

    flar2 I appreciate your work on OnePlus 7 Series! If possible, can you release kernel for OOS (Pie) for OnePlus 7? Cause, for pie, there's only a version for OnePlus 7 Pro and not for OnePlus 7.
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    Post [KERNEL][TISSOT][4.9.y] Canting 4.6 [29/10/2019]

    Please,I think I know how to read instructions and FAQ's. I flashed them on 4.x based ROMs ONLY. Flex's Lineage, CrDroid, AEX(4.x based) Syberia, Pixel Experience and POSP. So please, stay out of this if you don't the solution instead of suggesting me to read again what I did back then. :D
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    Post [KERNEL][TISSOT][4.9.y] Canting 4.6 [29/10/2019]

    I've this weird issue, no matter what rom I flash with your kernel, whenever I lock screen, it reboots. Any idea why so?
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    Post [ROM][9.0][Mi A1][OFFICIAL]Syberia Project [OTA][24.08.2019]

    Fingerprint sensor This issue seems weird though. I had my fingerprints taken at startup and after few reboots, it just disappeared from security as well. Clean flashed with December firmware.
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    Post Hi Everyone, I am a rom dev who just bought this device, just wanted to say hi

    Yo Vendor- Tree-
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][64-bit][5.1.1] SlimLP (lettuce) [BETA 0.7][Maintainer Builds]

    Hey Maintainer,When are you planning to update? Slim6 please ;-;
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    Post SailfishOS 2 for the Moto-G Falcon

    What do you exactly mean by Camera(With Bugs)? Like,It'll be helpful if you give a little explaination. Rest of that,Everything looks awesome. Thanks for porting SailfishOS for Moto G (y)
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][5.0.2][UNOFFICIAL]Android Open Development[AOSP/CAF][03/08]

    SELinux Status Is Permissive Or Enforced? For Now? Asking This Question,Even Update Log Indicates That The SELinux Status Is In Enforced
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    Post [ROM][JB 4.2.2][ANDROID L v1][BETA]Android 5.0 Themed Rom For Canvas 2 A110

    If Needed. Saw Your Projects,This Rom Can Be Even More Lil Optimized :p :good: . If Need Help,Contact Me :fingers-crossed:
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    Post [ROM][5.0] AOSP/Code Aurora [ALPHA][17/11/2014]

    You Can! StrangerWeather Please Don't Leave This Project,As Beta CM12 Came. We're Waiting For a CAF Release Of 5.0
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    Post [5.0.2][UNOFFICIAL]CyanogenMod 12[01/04]

    SuperSU anerik Just Include A SuperSU Flashable Zip And Denote To Flash This After Flashing The Rom For XT1033(GPe) Users. This Helps XT1033(GPe) Users CM12 Function Perfect :good: Regards ~DG
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    Post [ROM] [5.0] [11/15/2014] CyanogenMod 12 BETA

    Anyway,atleast some bugs fixed. Please upload that build.