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    Thread Question Help Needed - BDO Bank App Says Phone is Is High Risk/Rooted

    This is my only financial app that won't work. BDO is a Philippines bank. My US banking apps all open fine. I'm on EU 12.5.7 Stable. Flashed to 12.5.7 around ~2 weeks ago. Anyway around this? BDO is possibly the worst banking app on earth - so I'm not entirely surprised it appears to be drunk...
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    Post [Device is unlocked][Video Added] Bootloader Unlock Tool Released [25.7.2012]

    I bought my TF700 this afternoon and first tried the Unlock tool at around 5 PM ET. Tried repeatedly all day and kept getting the network error. Just tried it again at midnight and it worked. I did nothing special to try to get it to work besides waiting. I did register my device on the Asus...
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    Post JB 4.2 Camera on One X

    Working great on Renovate 12.0. Hard to get those Photospere pics to come out perfect. This will be something that takes a while to master. Like learning to drive a manual transmission the first time. :) Sent from my HTC One X using xda app-developers app
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    Post One c Problem screen flickering

    So oddly I seem to have resolved this - though I'm not entirely sure why. Recently got the JB OTA and upgraded. Problems still persisted. I randomly decided to try out the lava live wallpaper in JB and ever since (last 48 hrs) I have had 0 of the screen issues I had before. Immediately wakes...
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    Post One c Problem screen flickering

    I have the same exact issues. Have had the phone since July. I thought maybe I had accidentally killed the chip when I got some water on the phone a few days ago. Screen goes nuts - won't turn on sometimes ABC's have to press power repeatedly - screen sometimes unresponsive - etc. I switched...