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    Post [GT-I9505 + GT-I9505G] CF-Auto-Root

    THANX! I really had an older version of cf-root, so it was not possible to root. Now it works!
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    Post [GT-I9505 + GT-I9505G] CF-Auto-Root

    I have the same problem. CF-Root car does not work. SUPER-SU has not been installed. The recovery is also changed and looks different than the new 4.4.2 version. Maybe a problem with the stock recovery?
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    Post [STOCK ROM] Official Packages

    Sorry for that question, but where can I find which firmware can be used in europe? And.... which firmware has which languages included, like polish, german, greek? gracias....
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    Post Full root for A10x and A5xx ICS. Simple method.

    Hy, is it possible to unroot my tablet if it's rootet with the simple method? :confused:
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    Thread Searching for ICS Stock 1.016 EMEA DE

    Hy! Has anyone of you a tip where this rom can be found? Acer_AV041_A100_RV02RC01_EMEA_DE Acer_AV041_A100_1.016.00_EMEA_DE Thanx for help
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    Post [KERNEL][ExTweaks] SiyahKernel v2.6.14 - "One kernel to rule them all"

    ..hy guys. This Kernel is for use with 2.3.4+2.3.5 roms. What are the experiences with 2.3.6? Is it stable on 2.3.6? Willl there be any special adjustments in the future?
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    Post [ROOT APP] Updated: 13/09/12 - Samsung Quick Root v1.8.3 - One Click Root & UnRoot!

    S2 root compatible wirth rom manager? hello to all. is s2 root 1.5.1 actually compatible with the "rom manager" from the market. thanx