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Recent content by Dimezis

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    Post [App][6.0+] Teo - photo editor (Teal & Orange filters) [Update]

    The new 1.3.5 version is out with more filters and filter categories for easier navigation. Also, some performance improvements under the hood, including faster app start time.
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    Post [App][6.0+] Teo - photo editor (Teal & Orange filters) [Update]

    Version 1.2.3 is out - Added new filters, both Pro and regular - Added Warmth/Color Temperature setting. If someone is using Teo, I'd be really interested in feedback and what would you like to see next. More filters, not only Teal/Orange? Or more settings and moving towards a complete photo...
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    Thread [App][6.0+] Teo - photo editor (Teal & Orange filters) [Update]

    The app has been updated and got a lot of cool new features. Added crop, favorites, and a Clarity setting, similar to Clarity from Lightroom. Also now there's an option to remove ads (in-app purchase) and get additional Pro filters at the same time. Apart from that, there are tons of small...
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    Post [App][6.0+] Teo - photo editor (Teal & Orange filters) [Update]

    Teo is a photo editor with a focus on simplicity and minimalism. Its main goal is to easily create cinematic teal and orange looks. Those who already know what's teal and orange color grading probably will appreciate the number of filters suitable for different lighting scenarios and photo...
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    Thread Workout timer (HIIT, Tabata)

    Workout timer Simple and stylish timer for HIIT (High-intensity interval training). Features - Customizable sets, countdown, workout and rest times for your needs - Minimalistic and intuitive interface. After installing this workout timer you need to press just one button to start an...
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    Post [App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    Hey Arnova8G2, I'd like to contribute to your camera port. Any way I can help with porting it for Exynos (Samsung s10 specifically)?
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    Post Galaxy Nexus Multitouch problem

    What makes you think its a software problem? Clearly, it appears in heavy games, when CPU and GPU running on 100% speed and device gets hot...
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    Post [Theme] Ice Cream Sandwich for CM7: v 1.6 Update: 8 New Colors

    Awesome theme, thank you for your work. But on my Milestone scrolling in contact list is too slow (because of transparent background, i believe). Can you tell which *.png is responsible for the background there?