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  • dear kurcaglavic,

    hihi :)

    Instead of flashing other roms...... you may try.....

    1. I think that you need to check the settings of your wireless router,

    2. is there any security that you had forgot?

    3. like...... authentication is open? share? or??

    4. the data encryption? it should not be emptied......

    if you have time, try to "hard-reset" the wireless router to factory default (without security setting), if it works,

    then try to make security step by step..... (try wep first ..... :))

    Good Luck :)

    PS. if you really don't know how to reset you router to factory default,

    may be you can try to do....

    a. unplug power cord,

    b. pit and hold the reset button of the router with a paper clip or a pen,

    c. plug the power cord,

    d. keep pressing the reset button for 10 seconds,

    e. the internal memory will be erased in most cases and you will get a router like new from the factory :)
    i try everything. read all posts, messing with wireless settings nothing helps. i have some screenshot from my qtec s200
    hello great dioxda2,
    i have a problem with wi-fi on my qtec s200 with WM 6.1 build 21054 TouchFlo Look II and Prophet_ShadoW_2.0_TE roms. at first time my wi-fi find my wireless spot but then it says its unavailble and i cant get it connected.i was searching forums and see that others have same problem but i didnt find any solution. any sugestions?
    if not can you racomend some clean and fast rom for windows 6.1 i have qtec s200, G3
    btw i love your work and i will donate to xda no doubt.
    Dude, is there any tcpmp support to rtsp... because now iam using 0.71RC it doesnt support when i open the rtsp links it shows error msg rtsp portocol not supported help me please..
    i highly appreciate ur woke in this site
    i have read ur reply for this
    Now, here comes a direct upgrade batch from WM5 to WM6.1 tool for ONLY

    for those CANNOT successfully flash the hardSPL (e.g. same spl after HardSPL flashes) ,

    download this attachment, place your favorite xxx.nbf, double click the Upgrade.cmd,

    then follow the clicks on PC, thats it !!


    BE NOTED: there are issues about the PC performance, will get connection errors after
    messing up with PC software, better stop from giving up too easily.
    Big Thanks to YouZii ^_^

    where shall i place the XX.nbf ?
    what is the file Lib ?
    what is the file process ?
    i have waited the upgrade.cmd sooo long but nothin happend
    i beg u to help me
    i have jamin

    tnx all of my heart
    1. Yours is a G4 device, did you ever flash it with a G3 method? HOPE NOT!!

    2. Now, you can bring your device back by flashing NVID :)
    2.1 force boot loader mode with button pressed, see my lazytool thread if you have doubts,
    2.2 connect it to your PC ( please flash with PC platform in XP or lower),
    2.3 pay NO attention to PC, only you should see the "USB" on the prophet screen after connected,
    2.4 then flash the NVID,

    3. after finish, it should restart itself with a series of auto-install, let it finish or pit the reset hole with the stylus on the prophet if you don't wanna wait :)

    4. flash hardSPL (yours hardspl is not yet done),

    5. flash your desired rom (better with lazytool for error free as refered in my cases :))

    6. enjoy :)
    Ok, I just tried to update my QTEK S200 Unfortunately it did not work (tri-color screen at boot).
    So I thought I try this Hard-/Soft SPL. Now I cannot even connect to the phone (it doesn't turn on USB, it seems).
    After a reset, I hear my laptop 'ding' 2 times (like it connects but also disconnects instandly).
    I am stuck at the Qtek (Keep the world in one) 'sky'-screen.
    4 codes in the screen:
    - IPL 2.20.0001
    - SPL 2.20.0001
    - GSM 02.47.21
    - OS
    hi dioxda2
    i have swisscom pxa s 200 or prophet g4 version and i have problem
    1 years i looking for any solution but i have not lucky
    my phone stuck in startup screen and freez PL nad SPL is 2.20.001 dont now is CID unlocked or not i try hard spl but i have error
    i read all about prohpet upgrading on xda but i have not make alive my prophet
    now you my last chance and i hope you help me
    thanks in advances and regard from serbia
    p.s. sorry for my bad english
    hi, dioxda2.....
    I have o2 xda atom mobile plz give me new update of iphone for this model xda atom.................plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    hi, dioxda2...
    i have problem with my i-mate jamin... i f*cked it, and now there are IPL and SPL changed. i think that i used G4 software, for it, and it is G3. i think that because of it i can not install regular software from i-mate site, and your NVID too.. it stucks oh 95% and says to check nbf file.. is there any possibility to recover IPL and SPL (hardSPL for G3 goes to the end, but nothing changes, and for G4 it says it's not for my phone)..
    thanks in advance

    Dont get upset if someone insulted at you. Great leaders do get insulted too but they never give up. We knew you much better than he does. We support and love you much more than he know. :)
    Hi there dioxda2,once again I want to say a big thank you for that input system
    its working fine and I will be installing it to my HTC Advantage,will also let you know my
    travelling schedule once its confirm,auvoir
    My apologies for bothering you so much but is this ROM suitable for the last ditch try? I'm downloading it now but I'll only try to flash it if you give your go ahead. I see there is no NVID written next to it, the ones that have that are in other languages, I wouldnt understand a word they said...

    RUU_Prophet_220734_2207114_024721_QtekWWE_Ship English Qtek S200 ROM
    OK, so how exactly can I make NVID work? I've never done anything but flash a few ROMs and use very few cabs so this is beyond me...any advice so I don't totally fry this thing? The wiki link to NVID downloads are corrupt.

    uhh...how can I flash a NVID when my Prophet isn't booting up? browsing to it through my PC shows nothing...its not connected because its not in the windows. Is there a way to save this thing?

    How do I bring it to the factory? I live in Islamabad, Pakistan. :(
    Just to add another bit of detail, hard reset doesn't work now. It says format failed. :(
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