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    Post [5.0+][ROOT][3.5.2] AFWall+ IPTables Firewall [16 May 2021]

    Thank you very much for clarifying this. I too assumed something wasn't right about this. As though there is a bug or something of the sort preventing auto updates from staying off. And I'm just using BKLYN's rom without any other alterations. Its very odd it keep re-enabling itself. Again...
  2. DirtTrash

    Post [5.0+][ROOT][3.5.2] AFWall+ IPTables Firewall [16 May 2021]

    I covered that already and it does not work. And I NEVER clear any cache or data anywhere. Again, does anyone know how to completely block updates from OUTSIDE the Play Store app??
  3. DirtTrash

    Post [5.0+][ROOT][3.5.2] AFWall+ IPTables Firewall [16 May 2021]

    Can someone please explain how, if possible, to completely block Play Store from updating installed apps...outside of the Play Store app itself?? Obviously, as most already know, Play Store likes to re-enable auto updating. You can attempt to disable updates through settings or disable...
  4. DirtTrash

    Post SM-G988U/U1/W ROM

    Everything works great on SM-G988U1 with ROM 2.7.2!! Thank you!!
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    Post [HOW-TO][EXYNOS/SNAPDRAGON] Root S20 series and upgrade firmware

    My S20 Ultra SM-988U1 has bootloader unlocked. I see no support for my model, but states "not limited to" in the list of compatible devices. If I am on the wrong thread, please direct me where I SHOULD go. Thanks in advance. I'm just trying to root it.
  6. DirtTrash

    Post Bluestacks, BSTweaker & Xposed...WTF Happened?!?

    Been years since I've used it. Thinking pre-Note, lol. I'll try that. I just really love Bluestacks configuration. TY
  7. DirtTrash

    Post Bluestacks, BSTweaker & Xposed...WTF Happened?!?

    This is already known by the insane amount of people already trying to accomplish the same thing I am. Finding versions of Bluestacks and BSTweaker that work together IS NOT the problem here. Just finding somone who actually has the last supported Bluestacks and BSTweaker for Xposed would prove...
  8. DirtTrash

    Thread Bluestacks, BSTweaker & Xposed...WTF Happened?!?

    I recently started tinkering around with Bluestacks again. It's been a few years. I do remember it being fairly easy to root, and install Xposed. Now all I am finding are a bunch of frustrated posts regarding the lack of support for Xposed on Bluestacks platform. What was it?? Did someone...
  9. DirtTrash

    Post [2019-12-13 v7.0.7 & Android 7.1] MEmu - Most Powerful Android Emulator

    Thanks for the response and your policing of the thread. But, this has everything to do with MEMU and my experience with it. I can utilize all the tutorials on any actual Android device, nothing regarding recovery, yet I cannot accomplish my goal on MEMU. Hence the option to "Uninstall Updates"...
  10. DirtTrash

    Post [2019-12-13 v7.0.7 & Android 7.1] MEmu - Most Powerful Android Emulator

    Can anyone please point me to a way to downgrade Google Play Store on Memu?? I have tried every method I have found on YouTube. I have 7 apps that will no longer work with latest. Thanks in advance.
  11. DirtTrash

    Post Samsung Service updated to OC3...How do I root OC3...Is it possible??

    A month has passed since I asked this information, so i'm guessing its still not possible. Not finding much when searching SM-N900A rooting 5.0 lollipop OC3. And before anyone replies with "there is already a method if you searched correctly", yes I know there is a workaround for OC1 to...
  12. DirtTrash

    Thread Samsung Service updated to OC3...How do I root OC3...Is it possible??

    I recently received my Note 3 (SM-N900A) back from Samsung service and noticed they put OC3 on my phone. I would like to know how to root OC3, if its even possible. I really don't want to downgrade as OC3 fixed some issues I was having. But will also understand if no one has a solution for ROOT...
  13. DirtTrash

    Post Bootloader Unlock N900A AT&T

    My TWRP was installed and used through MI9 (when first purchased stock). Once it updated I lost bootloader.
  14. DirtTrash

    Post [FIRMWARE] AT&T Galaxy Note 3 N900A UNEXE STOCK + Analysis PIT + EFS BACKUP

    An even quicker Google search reminded me I cannot install MI9 because I have already installed NC2. And for future reference, don't be a DI*K. Just because you can figure and search keywords better than the next person doesn't mean you need to be arrogant in your words. A simple "Check this...
  15. DirtTrash

    Post Attempted UnRooting and seems SoftBricked

    DONE!! Thank You to those that helped!!