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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][ginkgo][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Redmi Note 8 / 8T

    You need only fw a11 (it is ~70mb), no ROM stock. Flash it before or after, it doesn't matter. Find it here:
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    Post [ROM][11][OFFICIAL] PixelOS - PixelishExperience [AOSP][UNIFIED][13/5/2021]

    Does this ROM have the scrolling screenshots included?
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    Post [ROM][CAF][11.0] Project 404 for Redmi Note 8/8T [OFFICIAL][UNIFIED]

    Did you solve it? The same thing happened to me, although I don't know if it's OF or NikGapps
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    Post Deleted

    Nice ROM, no problem so far, I hope you can be an official maintainer soon.
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    Post (Bootloader) Permission denied [SOLVED]

    Hi, it work! Thank you very much for your time and help, I am very grateful, for a moment I thought it was really a hardware problem.
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    Post (Bootloader) Permission denied [SOLVED]

    I have the same bugs, do you think I should run the command to decrypt?
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    Post (Bootloader) Permission denied [SOLVED]

    Hello again, I saw you in another post that apparently has the same problem as me, it is this:
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    Post (Bootloader) Permission denied [SOLVED]

    Ok, I'll get to the point. I flash a rom (no apparent problem, even Stock ROM) but it only boots to fastboot or the robot with an open belly. What exactly should I do, I will follow step by step, I really need to get it back. Thank you very much for your help.
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    Post (Bootloader) Permission denied [SOLVED]

    I also tried fastboot format:ext4 userdata But I have this:
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    Post (Bootloader) Permission denied [SOLVED]

    Hello, good (and bad) news I did and now I have MTP for TWRP. But still CMD says "Bootloader is logical @@@ not found" "@@@" is depending on what you are trying to flash, be it system or recovery. I was also able to change the filesystem I did it for DATA / CACHE / SYSTEM I went from FAT and...
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    Post (Bootloader) Permission denied [SOLVED]

    I've been reading the question and answer forum, apparently it's a problem with the encryption. I don't have the Moto G5 right now, I can try it in a couple of hours, what other solution could I have anyway?