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    Post Post your Note 10+ Homescreen

    Been following this thread for a while. Thought I would finally post my homescreen setup on Android 11 with stock launcher and KWGT:
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    Post october 2020 patch OTA

    I am using ZGCam 7.4. I don't think I am allowed to link telegram groups but you can find the group if you do a search on telegram. The group is called "ZExynos Lounge ZGCam 7.4". There is a group for the ZGCam 6.1 port also.
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    Post october 2020 patch OTA

    I use the GCam port the majority of the time so not too bothered about the camera. I'm not that impressed with the picture quality from stock camera in any case. The difference between the Snapdragon and Exynos variants is a discussion in itself. If the stock camera had a bit more customisation...
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    Post october 2020 patch OTA

    I have an unlocked Note 10+ 5G (N976B) in the UK and got the update this morning. No real big changes. Just a security update and performance/stability improvements.
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    Post ANDROID NOTE 10+ 5G SM-N976B Firmware update ONEUI 2.5 ONEUI 3

    I've tried Lawnchair 2 Beta and Android 10 gesture navigation now works fine on the new update.
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    Post Android 10 + ONE UI 1?

    No. Samsung's version of Android 10 for the Note 10 series is basically OneUI 2.0. You would have to roll back to Android 9 to get back to OneUI 1. Good Lock should be updated to OneUI 2.0 compatibility eventually but may be a while since OneUI 2.0 is fairly new.
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    Post AOSP back to OOS

    You need to wipe internal storage also when moving back from AOSP to OOS. If you don't have access to a PC, you will need a pendrive or similar to flash the required files as you will lose all your data on the phone. When I install I wipe the phone completely and make sure OOS is flashed to both...
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    Post Laggy 4k 60fps video recording

    I use the GCam Tool from the Play Store. I use it mainly to stop the multiple subfolders created when taking portrait photos but it can also be used to flip/mirror the front camera images if the camera app you use doesn't offer the option (some combinations of GCam and Custom ROMs need to have...
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    Post Laggy 4k 60fps video recording

    Video is running fine on my OP6T at 4K60. I also have the 8/256 variant. I am currently on OB17. Maybe update your phone to the latest OOS as I know they made a few camera updates between what you're running and the latest OOS (9.0.17). Or you could download a newer APK for the camera from...
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    Post boot animation

    I literally replaced my bootanimation yesterday. I used a Magisk module for a bootanimation and repalced the bootanimation in the module install location which is on your data partition. This way, you can remove the module and still keep your original bootanimation should you wish to revert...
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    Post Warp Charger Safe to use at 4300mA?

    YouTube vlogger, Matthew Moniz, tested the Warp charger on a normal OP6T and used a Dash (Fast) charger on the Mclaren OP6T. The Mclaren OP6T still charged quicker on the the standard Dash (Fast) charger. The charge time he got with the normal OP6T on Warp charge seems to be almost consistent...
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    Post OOS Custom ROMs?

    RomAur is the only non-Magisk OOS based custom ROM that I am aware of. Don't think it has been updated for a while though; last update was based on OOS 9.0.14 I believe. Like Joe199799 said, the only other custom OOS ROMs are flashable Magisk modules.
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    Post please help. tried to flash OTA and now i cant get back to OS

    Do you have an OTG adapter and pendrive? You can copy the full OTA zip, TWRP zip and Magisk zip on to that and flash from TWRP using that. Your internal storage is encrypted and you won't be able to access it until you can reboot OOS fully. If that didn't work, you may have to do a factory...
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    Post How to install TWRP and custom rom?

    You need to install the latest stable OOS to both slots before you install the majority of custom ROMs. There are multiple threads with instructions stating that. You also have to format your userdata partition when moving from OOS to a custom ROM and vice versa. You would need to backup your...