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    Post Bricked Device HELP Pleeasssee.... OP7P
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    Post Working Theme Store for Global

    have you tried if this method works?
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    Post [STABLE] MSM Xtended XR Release v13 [R | Android11.0 r20][December 19th, 2020]

    I had the same bug, which firmware should be used as a base?
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    Post [ROM] [OFFICIAL][Q][r41 BlissRoms v12.11 [7PRO][08/21/20]

    Hi, sorry, I tried several times to install the rom following the instructions but in the end I only get a restart in twrp, can you help me please?
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    Post EMUI 10 beta for global users?

    do you also have a monosim brand? it seems that only these should receive the update
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    Post [8.1][sGSI]MIUI 10 MiRoom for Project Treble

    how did you partition your v30? I used the tool for axon 7 but installing the miui the phone goes into bootloop
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    Very thanks, instead to restore gallery, you know how to do?need flashing it?in the meantime I installed quickpic.........thanks and Merry Christamas!!!!
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    No, but dialer app works, when i do a call It does not appear the call screen, I still have to put as the default app?
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    Post [LOS][UNIFIED]Resurrection Remix O[unOFFICIAL][6.0.1[4JUL][OOS-CAM]

    echo is still there unfortunately, after flashing echo fix, not working dialer, please help me
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    Post OnePlus3_MIUI8_V8.0.2_Global_Stable Ported (update)

    all the languages other than Italian :confused:
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] MIUI 8 (multiple editions)

    Many thanks it worked out ok but it seems that dash charge does not work, you have to activate it from the app?
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1] MIUI 8 (multiple editions)

    I flashed it but i have Find error, have you a solution?