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Recent content by DJFliX

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    Post 4K option or forced 1080p?

    For the XZ Premium apparently the following would have worked: In an ADB shell: wm size 2160×3840 wm density 820 In my case the wb size command gives me: Error: bad size 2160×3840 Probably we need another resolution
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    Post LiveView reverse-engineering effort

    I know I'm royally necroing this thread, but I believe I have a good reason: Today I've started on my NodeJS implementation of the LiveView server code. This means that I can now connect to the LiveView and decode most of it's messages. There is still plenty of work to do, but at least showing...
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    Post [FTF] Android Nougat Preview 4 NPD56N {Update 16/06}

    Thanks for this post! I searched for this option, but I cannot find it. Did you mean "Mobile data always active: or "Aggressive Wi-Fi to Mobile handover"? :confused: I attached a screenshot with the options I see, maybe you can point me in the right direction :)
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    Post Screen Mirroring from Xperia Z to Roku 3?

    Hi! I was just testing yesterday with a Philips 7800 series 4K tv and found that the same error occurred. I have used my Xperia Z in the past with a D-Link MainStage DHD-131 and it worked successfully (when my phone was running 4.3). Now with 4.4 it connects sporadically but it won't display...
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    Post Sony SBH20 little review

    Since the 4.4 Update I have the issue that volume control is synced between the SBH20 and Android Volume. The only problem is that the SBH20 has only a few steps (i believe 7) of volume, which are either too loud, or not loud enough to my liking. Am I the only one having this problem? Or is...
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    Post [Q] Google Play Services/Now Battery drain observations

    So the amount of battery drain has lowered significantly, but it is still there. I attached a screenshot from before the change and a screenshot from after.
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    Post Fixing Google play services battery drain

    Toggling 'Location reporting' also toggles location reporting to Google Device Manager I guess.
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    Post Fixing Google play services battery drain

    I believe that you did not fully understand what the OP has stated in his first post. I think he might be on to something. I'm going to test it on my phone and (if I don't forget) I will report back. Turning off location for ADM would actually be a better solution for me than turning off...
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    Post [Q] Google Play Services/Now Battery drain observations

    I did a factory reset and have the problem.
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    Post Stock App File Manager

    I didn't have a file manager in my stock rom. I do miss a Sony file manager that blends in with the rest of the UI... What region of rom did you have? Was it a branded rom or generic?
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    Post [ROM][XZ][05/07]KA02 Xperia Z Radioactive™|Honami Rom!! fast & smooth

    I have the same problem. Mega tells me there is a temporary problem...
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    Post DIY quick charge system

    My dock is finished (or at least, it works and I don't feel the need to finish it right now. I might finish the dock as soon as I have finished my midterms. Pictures of the progress are in here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10201308270929170.1073741827.1244667070&type=1&l=183a3b896d
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    Post DIY quick charge system

    I am currently making my own... When I have more time I'll finish it :D To watch the progress please check this URL to the photo album where I post progress :P. I will add photo here and a link to the complete album every time the dock progresses. I have made a dock connector but I haven't...
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    Post [MOD] exFAT support for Xperia Z(non-Japanese verisons)

    Interesting. Maybe next time you post that something isn't working you could post - What the 'newest version is' - What isn't working I believe that most of the people have it working on the 10.1.A..434, and I believe that to be the newest firmware. You probably haven't followed the guide...
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    Post Screen mirroring to Linux

    This is some kind of adb hackary over usb. I think the TS wants to use the Xperia Screen Mirroring function. This uses Miracast (Intel WiDi 3.5). As far as I know there aren't any released Miracast Receiver applications. Searching for Miracast will help you understand what is needed for wireless...