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    Post [ZS620KL][WW] FOTA update links (new update 25 March 2021)

    How to patch Q 108 boot.img to install magisk? Do we have stock android Q 108 boot.img file?
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    Thread Mate 10 Pro - how to lock on one LTE frequency band

    Mate 10 Pro - how to lock LTE bands (1800, 2100, 2600 etc.). I know the app Network signal guru can do this on Qualcomm's SoCs but the Mate 10 is based on HiSilicon Kirin 970... Can someone tell me a method how to force one of the cellular network bands?
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    Post BORETS ROM Zenfone 4 Edition for ZE551ML/ZE550ML

    Thank you for your support so much!! :)
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    Post BORETS ROM Stock Edition for ZE551ML/550ML/Zoom ZX551ML

    Hi! Is it avaiable to mod your kernel in this ROM to lower DPI mode? ZF2 have hardcoded dpi in kernel so when I change it in system some apps have weird layout (all apps with image processing - for eg. Camera).
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial Final][Nougat][7.1.2]Resurrection Remix-N 5.8.5[Z00A/Z008]

    Technical Unfortuntely I have Holo Kernel (installed after RR setup :) ). I have place where i was able to reach 8 sattelites and be connected with 6 of them. After RR install i can not connect to anyone but in view I have about 5-6 sattelites. When I go to place where was 100% nice best...
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    Post [ROM][Unofficial Final][Nougat][7.1.2]Resurrection Remix-N 5.8.5[Z00A/Z008]

    I have problem with RR - when I am trying to reach gps signal i have only 1 FIXED sattelite but 17 are visible and I checked it they got very nice signal strength. I tested the gps in the same place one day bofore i flashed RR (i was on CleanSTOCK) and about 12 sattelites was connected and...
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    Post Will we get Android O on the x86 ZF2s?

    SleepingAran I have x86 Android O build on my Android Studio, so we would have something like Lineage OS but i don't think ASUS build official release for ZF2 (there is no Nougat to ZF2 so...)
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    Post [ROM][7.1.2_r33][CAF][OFFICIAL][01/10/17][EOL] Xperia Open Source Project

    Damn.... I changed setting named "Long Press Recents button" to Menu action, but it is not working -> when i long press the recents button i feel 2 vibrations but still recents showing on my screen instead of menu :/
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    Post Reflashing ZE551ML ROM from RAW

    Okay. Thank you :)
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    Thread Reflashing ZE551ML ROM from RAW

    Hi :) For 1 month I have much issues with my phone - frequently on any ROM the 'Android system' draining my battery.... (only on stock) On Lineage everything is fine, but i don't want LinOS... I wanna flash the '' RAW image. Now I have one question: In which order (and...
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    Post Fully freezes every time I am trying to run an app that request #superuser permisions

    This is ackward... log says 'kernel panic' it stucks on su command :/ I was about to change density with command 'wm density 240' but after I granted su permissions and entered this command the machine stucks... How to do it??
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    Post Zenfone 2 ZE551ML External USB GPS

    For example could you share me one BT gps?
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    Thread Zenfone 2 ZE551ML External USB GPS

    Hi! I have very bad GPS in my region. Sometimes my phone is not able to detect more than 2 sattelites in clear open location... It is very weird because when I bought it I tested my GPS !inside! my house and there was about 10 sattelites and my phone was connected to GPS with ~16m accuracy. I...
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    Post [ROM]CleanSTOCK-MM.352-v4.5-FINAL[STABLE][Z00A/Z008]-14 August

    *** If someone have poor sound with ViperAudioFX: 1. Install this package from recovery: AudioWizard 2. Open AudioWizard app (name based on your system language). Application icon looks like: 3. Switch off the AsusAudiowizard: 4. Switch off then switch on Master in ViperFX or reboot the system ;)
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    Post [ROM]CleanSTOCK-MM.352-v4.5-FINAL[STABLE][Z00A/Z008]-14 August

    Hmm... I amd trying to log in to Snapchat but -> When I am uninstalling the Xposed framework 86.2 Systemless by topjohnwu (official recovery-zip uninstaller) in recovery everythink is okay and the zip is uninstalling the framework. BUT after reboot the same version still exist on my phone and i...