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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    B552 actual link on hicloud
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    Post Huawei Browser vs Google Chrome

    Edge Sync isnt that good as Chrome, as seen on desktop. Huwei Browser i dont know, it was always non usable as its always written in china for me, but should be english.
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    Post [ROM][Treble][microG]LineageOS 16.0 for HUAWEI P9

    Don't use TWRP. Do a Reset with stock Recovery.
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    Post HP laptop freezes after sleep.

    Yes, i know this bug, but decided to ignore sleep mode for years on win 10. Maybe you could tell, whats your exact model, and we find a way to fix it.
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    There is B552 on huawei server, but not prepared yet.
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    Post [ROM][Treble][microG]LineageOS 16.0 for HUAWEI P9

    Android Go Apps could be enough, but its too early to talk about that.
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    Post Rebrand-Update-Tool-HWOTA7-P9-EVA

    Through erecovery, but with a newly setup after.
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    Post [ROM][Treble][microG]LineageOS 16.0 for HUAWEI P9

    Settings open too slow, dont know what happens.
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    Post [KERNEL][EAS][] Insane Kernel 1.0.2 for Huawei P9

    We allready tried to boot it with other toolchains running higher than 4.9, but not booting so far on China builds.
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    Post [GUIDE] Easy decryption guide for GSI users

    copy pasted a guide from other users. You shouldnt modify anything and the decryption is a one time story, it breaks after first use.
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    Post [KERNEL][P9][8.0+] ECOKernel 2020

    The actual kernel is bound to its latest build we got on P9. For every other build i have to change the kernel patch date to its right vendor patch. Thats a small thing, done fastely and will be provided until latest ones for 1 nov 2019. It should be possible for everyone by using AIK to change...
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    Post How to build the kernel for your Huawei P9 Plus

    In detail, the cam cant save pictures in Nougat, in all EMUI 5 sources we got. So, if you want, better update to EMUI 8 and build a kernel there. All works well, but just GCC4.9 toolchains.
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    Post [KERNEL][P9][8.0+] ECOKernel 2020

    The only thing is, you need same vendor for the kernel. Actually it runs 01.12.2018 patch.
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    Post [KERNEL][EAS][O2][UBER] Chihayafuru Kernel v0.90 Honor 8 for Android 8.0+

    Upgrade to Anroid 8 first, then you can flash the kernel. You dont know what you talking about, sorry. Read above...