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Recent content by Dnst

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    Post [APP] CommandCenter (6 versions) [xhdpi/xxhdpi] [9/4/2015]

    Great remake! Works flawlessly on my droid mini. How did you make it? :)
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    Post Nexus 7 clean car install with backup cam

    Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyAlguHgWVc Great thread by the way! I am following this since one or two years :)
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    Post Nexus 7 clean car install with backup cam

    Thats not exactly what he meant. These are devices that run Android. They have nothing over the nexus 7 custom installation, indeed. What he is talking about is Android Auto which will be launched soon. And that OS is specialised on in-car usage. I still got hope, though, that someone will port...
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    Post Nexus 7 clean car install with backup cam

    Is there a chance Android Auto will run on the n7 2012?
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    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    +1 Droid Mini XT1030
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    Post HTC First Sense5 work

    GPS lock has been very slow for me as well a lot of times. I guess it could be that the device does not load the xtra data for quick gps lock. I used GPS Status to get a faster gps lock.
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    Post The Casetop - EVERY phone becomes a Laptop - Android/iPhone/BB10

    Great to hear that you are still working on it! :)
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    Post How to disable AT&T check for update

    I had the same issue but it's gone since I rebooted, so not really a big thing I guess...
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    Post [Q] Unlocking unactivated HTC First

    Yes. Proof is my own phone. :) Concerning your second question, I am not sure. I bought mine in mint condition, so it had been unlocked beforehand. But I guess it should work if yiu just put your sim card in the slot abd do the unlock procedure.
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    Post PC Quick Commands | Android 4.0+ | 1.4 BETA

    +1 And a cursor would be nice. Check this app, it has nice and simple controls: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cafbit.valence Tap = Click Double Tap = Right Click Two finger slide = scroll Keyboard plus Modification Buttons (STRG, SHIFT, ALT) plus special keys (ESC, TAB...)
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    Post Nexus 7 clean car install with backup cam

    How did you manage to turn the amplifier on and off with ignition? Or could you generally explain, when the amplifier is turned on and off because I don't know how to manage the fact, that it consumes too much power to stay on all the time. For the tablet it is not necessary to turn it off as...
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    Thread Microphone Issues

    Hi, did anyone of you got this issue too? http://forums.androidcentral.com/htc-first/324460-htc-first-microphone-issues.html The microphone hole ist stuffed so if you make a call the other person doesnt hear you. There is a second micro which is activated if you turn on loudspeaker, maybe...
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    Post CM 11 Timeframe?

    I agree with you. The thing that devs complain about concerning ETAs is, when development threads get cluttered with this sort of posts and when people ask the same question again and again although it was answered already. I think there is nothing bad about discussing possible dates for a new...
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    Post Google experience launcher apk on their HTC first?

    I tried to install it as well. The lib file you have to replace does not exist. The only thing that worked for me was google now.
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    Post Did someone manage to remove System Apps?

    I made a mistake and didn't have S-Off :| I got it now and write protection ist removed. Thank you for helping out, issue solved.