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    Post Gestures Vs Navigation Bar

    Ive been using edge gestures with immersive mode since last year and love it. I tried the Android p gestures and couldn't stand it.
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    Post I'm new and normally would not ask this but I'm torn.

    Noone can make this decision for you. Figure it out. You are an adult right?
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    Post get out of beta P on verizon

    I don't think you will get an update back to 8.1 until nexts months security patch.
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    Post May update giving wakelocks

    Usually wakelocks after an update/flash is just a bad flash. Factory resetting usually fixes those.
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    Post anyone running android P beta?

    Really smooth so far my two gripes so far. Text prediction or auto correct feature just seems "janky" random letters are being typed more often causing me to delete and retype. And the keyboard seems to want to minimize often on it's own while I'm typing. Other then those annoyances it's been...
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    Post beta program

    As honorable intention that seems, spreading misinformation on these forums is not a good thing.
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    Post anyone running android P beta?

    It's like the xda app really is not user friendly. Sometimes it hits a reply function when you didn't want to or sometimes it quotes the wrong post. Good **** post though. Here's a cookie.
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    Post May Security patch?

    I usually check for update for right before I flash the monthly update.
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    Post Anyway to take longer shutter speed photo than 5 second?

    I would like to experiment with taking pictures like that too.
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    Post Immersive Mode...

    Could be something with substratum too, you using any substratum themes/overlays?
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    Post [8.1][Magisk Module] Multi-Touch Fix for 8.1 Devices

    Nice, just tested before and after and it seems to have fixed the issue on my pixel 2 April build.
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    Post Gestures App?

    Been using edge gestures for ahwile and haven't had one issue with it.
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    Post The Pixel 2 Photography Thread

    Ya same here. They look like old school low res contact thumbnails.
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    Post April Full and OTA images are up

    What screen brightness are you using ?
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    Post Show off Your Homescreen

    Clean and simple.