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    Post [Q][GSI][A/AB][arm64] Android Q Developer Preview

    It doesnt work with Xperia X treble. Endless Booting without any error
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    Post [Pie] Project Treble for Xperia X

    For me v7 and RR 7.0 works. But it only works if you flash it about fasboot.
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    Post Paranoid Android Pie Beta - Xperia X

    I have the same problem. (Gapps Micro)
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    Post [SM-T580][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL] 20180906 Treble Project 64Bits

    Hey, very good job. Please make a 580 version, GPS doesn't matter. You said it was experimental.
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    Post [Oreo 8.1.X][X - F5121] Android Open Source Project

    Hey, I don't know if my question is right here. But is it possible to bring the Treble project to Xperia X?