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    Post Question Google Play Apps "pending" on OnePlus 9 in China

    Thanks, everyone. Shortly after I posted this and got a little feedback I switched to Oxygen OS. It was a game changer. I don't care so much about Color OS vs. Oxygen OS (I see some merits in both), but this is much closer to my old Pixel feel and more importantly, I have easy access to Play store.
  2. doessrc

    Post How To Guide OnePlus 9: How to switch between Color OS and Oxygen OS without unlocking the bootloader

    My phone also shows the same verification missing. Sorry I am new to this. Is that an issue? How does it impact the phone?
  3. doessrc

    Post Question Google Play Apps "pending" on OnePlus 9 in China

    Thanks. I finally bit the bullet and converted. No real issues except for one error that has gone away (or been hidden and doesn't matter). I still have my 5g connection which I was concerned about (I average 200 Mbps on speed test) and was able to sync with my Google account so I have Play and...
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    Post Question [SOLVED/ANSWERED] Cross flashing Oneplus 9 Global to EU [Yes you can.]

    To my understanding, neither the China phone LE2110 (ColorOS) nor the India phone LE2111 (OxygenOS - DA version) have wireless charging. If you convert from ColorOS to OxygenOS, the downgrade process outlined on XDA (which is awesome) converts you to the DA version. I just did it last night with...
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    Thread Question Google Play Apps "pending" on OnePlus 9 in China

    Hi Everyone - Sorry in advance that I have ridiculous beginner questions, but I just moved to China AND I just bought my first OnePlus Friday. I'm coming from a Pixel 4a5G and couple pixels before that. I haven't rooted or tweaked in many years since my Galaxy Siii with CyanogenMod. As you're...