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    Post [Q] HTC TITAN the problem of detecting

    my Titan is again recognized by Zune Hello , For information My Titan not being still recognized by Zune, After several tries(essays) of diverse Rom Custom, I made the following installations: return in Roma Stock Tango 00_S_HTCEurope_4.06.401.03 Installation of: spl_2.6.160015.3_FRA.exe Found...
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    Post [Q] HTC TITAN the problem of detecting

    Hi, for information, I can't connect my Titan with "Wp7UsbStorageEnabler" , windows/File Explorer dont see him !!! I explore my titan with Webserver with Wifi. Domipasc
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    Post [Q] HTC TITAN the problem of detecting

    +1 Hy every Body, I have the same problem , and i know one other person with the same problem !! This default appears with the Rom Deepshinnig V2 (The DeepShining v2 Works Well). After I have flash with 3 different roms, the stock rom tango and the last Eburon 7.8 Rom (in use now). But i...
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    Post Internet Sharing stopped working on unbranded HTC Titan after Factory Reset

    +1 lost Internet Sharing Hi, i've lost Internet Sharing too after the official last update Orange Fr and HTC on my official stock rom. Orange and Htc can't explain solution. Internet Sharing work fine with custom, but ever since I've not been able to enable connexion Usb with Zune . I'm...