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    Thread Stable Oxygen OS 11 now released

    OnePlus released Oxygen OS 11 For OnePlus 7 Series. You can Download form the link Below. Changelog: System Update to OxygenOS 11 version Fresh new UI visual design brings you a more comfortable...
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-2][hotdogb]Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 7T Unified (Tes)

    Were u able to solve the issue? Even i was facing the same issue today and i solved it. Im using AMD 3400g.
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    Post Redmi Note 8 Pro - Official Miui 12 Global Released
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    Post Redmi Note 8 Pro Android 10 Public Releases
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    Post [ROM][OOSCAM][OFFICIAL][OnePlus 6/6T][10.0_r53]PiXeN-OS[2021/04/12][EOL]

    I think presing vol + , vol - & power buttons together will boot you in bootloader mode.
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    Post [ROM]-[AOSP]--[Pie]-HAVOC-OS-[Official]--[9.0]

    Change the title from pie to Android Q. I was thinking Havoc OS was still on Pie, until i searched it on google. So please update it.
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    Post [ROM][OOSCAM][OFFICIAL][OnePlus 6/6T][10.0_r53]PiXeN-OS[2021/04/12][EOL]

    Try this method. (the custom droid) .dot com / install-viper4android-android-10-guide/ the custom droid (dot com) Steps to Install ViPER4Android on Android 10 Q 1. Download the latest ViPER4Android v2.7.1.0 APK from here. 2. Install the downloaded APK on your Android 10...
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    Post OnePlus Launcher with google feeds enabled

    Yes, it doesnt works for me too. Hope the dev fix the problem.
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    Post OnePlus Launcher with google feeds enabled

    Uninstall updates of the launcher from play store. Then flash the module. The google feed option can be found in "leftmost screen". Pic attached below
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    Post OnePlus 7T kernel sources available

    Thinking to upgrade from One plus 6T. Confused between 7T & Asus ROG 2.
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    Post [App] OnePlus 6T Google Camera Port [Fajita] [OP6T]

    Please update the OP. Latest versions are available. v.1.3
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    Post [App] Arnova8G2's Google Camera Port

    *night sight on back camera crashes - Happens to me when i turn 'ON' motion function on my OnePlus6T ---------- Post added at 12:58 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:53 PM ---------- Did anyone managed to get 'Top Shot' working? I tried installing latest Google Photos (Daydream)...
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    Post [APP] [5.0+] Gaming Mode - The Ultimate Game Experience Booster

    This app looks promising. would like 2 have promo code too. ?